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If you can dream it, you can do it: A Photobook

A visual poem about the nature of transition and the relation between dream and reality. Published by Kehrer Verlag

Altar Boyz - Das Musical

ALTAR BOYZ ist ein Konzert im Stück und umgekehrt. Eine Hommage an das Konzept der Boy-Groups, zugleich eine liebevolle Persiflage an einen Teil schönster Jugendkultur. Liebe, Solidarität, Freundschaft und die ...



#rapisliebe meine innere Einstellung. Dieses Motto steht für meine seit Jahren tief verankerte Verbundenheit zur Musik - einer Leidenschaft fürs Leben! Auf meinem Weg begleiten mich Freunde, Familie und ...

WESENsART Mal-, Kritzel- und Mitmachbuch

Die Welt ist nicht nur rosa und blau, sondern besteht aus mehr als zwei Geschlechtern. Mädchen können auch Superheldinnen* sein und Jungs Prinzessinnen* – oder feststellen, dass sie keines von ...

Shattered Dreams And Other Nightmares

Me:I'm Louis Fleischauer an Berlin based artist working on a new book (see below). I'm collecting money for production cost such as printing, promotion, set design, location rental, and most ...

Passaggio Oper's La Bohème -Again!

Our StoryPassaggio Oper is an emerging opera company dedicated to bridging the gap and breaking the distance between the audience and the performers by making opera relatable, current, and real. ...


See all the artwork here!THE PROJECT!Fool’s Journey is a collection of 22 poems based on the Major Arcana of tarot, with 22 hand-designed cards based partly on my poem and ...

I SEE YOU: in me

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” J.K. Rowling, ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ Who Am I My name is ...



WHO WE AREHi!We are Martina Colli and Rossella Rubini. We formed a classical piano duet, the Colli&Rubini Duo, nearly 10 years ago. We have always enjoyed expanding our repertoire through ...


junk-E-cat Debut EP

Let's help the Berlin based creature and multi-instrumentalist finish and release his first EP!

MANONO - Funky Debut Album

MANONO's first full-length record! Our dream is to release a professional LP blending funk grooves, rock energy, and slap-pop.

Creative Clues - a visual aid for collaboration and ideation

Use illustration and text stickers to brainstorm, enhance user research, improve teamwork and visualize co-creation sessions.

Le Monde Analogue

Le Monde Analogue attracts film photography enthusiasts and features high-quality film photography.

RangeBox - world's first gift boxes with adjustable capacity

RangeBox is going to revolutionize the way of gifting by simplifying the packaging process and banishing wrapping paper.

PRESENT — A Magazine About Making In This World

Championing the journey of everyone crazy and courageous enough to live and work on their own dream.

The Star Constellations in a Sphere and in a Game

The third large and science merged together into an 8 cm solid glass orb and also into a card game. "The Startets"  


Back to Acarde Game. Seahunter is a Submarine Game for Arcade Freaks. It is not the big Simulation Software.


Das dritte Album: Leuchten!

Die Veröffentlichung meines letzten Albums ist ja schon wieder eine ganze Weile her. Da haben sich natürlich einige neue Songs angesammelt, die ihr dringend hören solltet! Mit diesem Crowdfunding-Projekt könnt ...

Zero Waste Bestecketui

Ein Plastkstrohhalm hier, ein verpackter Snack dort. Lass uns der Abfallflut ein Ende bereiten. Das Zero Waste Bestecketui ist dein praktischer Begleiter im Alltag und auf Reisen. Zücke deinen Glasstrohhalm, ...


Kierkegaard documentary film (50 min.)Confirmed participants:Clare Carlisle (King's College London) is the author of several books on Kierkegaard, among them "Kierkegaard: A Guide for the Perplexed" and "Kierkegaard's Philosophy of ...

Gamma series — space-inspired watches with a luminous design

The third collection by Divided By Zero brings in a unique reworked case, space-themed design, and luminous sandwich dial.

First Electric Vehicles Card Game

A deck of cards with 32 electric cars from all over the world. Play Top Trumps or Quartet, compare data and have fun.

This is your life

This is your Life is a text-based life simulation game and a self-authoring interactive novel. Players follow the life of a human being from birth to death by influencing important ...

The Blue Sweater | Made of 100% Wood. To Save & Give Water.

Introducing the world's first premium sweater made of 100% beech wood fiber for the sole purpose of saving & giving water. #choosewater


Mopolis ist der fachkundige Berater für den Kauf von Consumer Electronics und den digitalen Lebensstil.



Wir, das Ensemble Klangbezirk, haben im Herbst 2017 einen Aufruf gestartet und Menschen eingeladen, mit uns zu singen, auf der Bühne zu stehen und gemeinsam eine CD aufzunehmen. Über 150 ...

Marylin Mafia Mob MMM illustrated playing cards

Since the early 20th century, the MONROE MAFIA MOB have only allowed the worthy to enter their inner circle. Now with these stunning designed cards, you hold the fate of ...


Kiki Manders - New Album!

My name is Kiki Manders, singer and composer from the Netherlands, living in Berlin. After the successful release of my debut album in 2016, I am super excited to be ...


ROHS! RECORDS Vinyl Releases Re-Launch

ROHS! RECORDS - Indipendent Record Label based in Berlin. Founded by Andrea Porcu in early 2007.The label releases Ambient, Dub, Reggae and Roots music!Visit our site:

VeggieMat - Make Eating Veggies Fun for Kids

Turning Picky Eaters into Veggie LoversVeggieMat™ is an interactive reusable placemat that helps kids, even picky ones, discover the joys of eating colorful veggies. It encourages children to develop healthy ...

notamuse – The Book

A New Perspective on Women Graphic Designers in Europe: showcasing the work of more than 50 women graphic designers in Europe.

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