Crowdfunding Projekte aus Berlin - Übersicht

An Ultralight Robust Small Wind Turbine!

WINTURE's Ultra-light carbon blades along with electronic furling through Active Flight Controller (AFC®) let the turbine flays from lowest breeze up to heavy wind conditions. The light-weight, low-inertia design ensures ...


Our online store provides an outlet sale that gives you premium products at a clearance price. Everyone is entitled to a great deal. An Autonomous Detachable Flying Camera Using the ...


Blitz ϟ

Blitz – Jobfinder for CreativesSearching for and finding a job is one of the challenges for people in creative fields, to whom I belong. Designers, architects, photographers and so on ...

World's Best Lens For Smartphone Photography

Capture Memories with Lensta Meet Lensta, the first professional smartphone camera lens with the greatest features you could ever ask for, lively colors, great angle, and high resolution Lensta allows ...

Our music video against racism and populism

Infos en français ci-dessous (beaucoup plus bas). Für deutschen Text bitte runter scrollen. Hellowe are Lapwings, an indie rock band of international (Belgium, USA, France, Germany, Italy) musicians living in ...

moreHuman USA roadtrip

MoreHuman has been photographing beautiful, unique, and interesting characters across Europe. Now the project is coming to the USA.

The Photo of the future: 3D-Figurines by 3DyourBody!

We want to immortalise your lovely family, friends, pets or special moments in a hyper-realistic and marvelously detailed 3D-Figurines.


Bagaroo - The Innovative Car Accessory

Bagaroo - Designed to secure your valuables while driving - even when you brake suddenly.


A nonstop immersive interactive performance installation, revisiting a commune who have made their Home in a former butchery.


YuScale GO!

THE FIRST SCALE IN A PHONE CASE. Wearable for your smartphone. Stop guessing, start tracking. Determine food, where ever you are.

INVOLUTION – Sci-Fi Feature Film

Thriller, in which the Earth turns Darwinian Theory of evolution upside down.

STARFINDER - Short Film - Drama/ Sci-Fi/ Queer

"A young astrophysics student who communicates with stars undergoes the process of developing personalities until he reaches his own"

1000 in Berlin portraits of people

1000 portraits of people in Berlin are shown in their colorful, multicultural splendor. It's a declaration of love to Berlin !


D40: a beautiful material collection

Stone. Plastic. Glass. Wood. Metal: these materials form our urban lives. Now you can have them lined up as solid spheres on your table



Welcome to the world of Dock!me - The universal USB charging station with FIVE exceptional technical features


The KLAR Coat – The Only Coat You Need

What started with our search for a perfect raincoat has become a passionate project to design a coat you can’t imagine living without.

The Urge and the Urger (Book Launch)

Looking to launch, promote and distribute my latest work 'The Urge and the Urger' fuelled by the passions of my flaneuristic spirit..

Wolfgang Stiller Monographie

monography of german sculptor Wolfgang Stiller covering 35 years of work. this catalogue will focus on his works from this period.


Niko Malabar - Debut Album "Dazed Highs"

Mein erstes Studioalbum “Dazed Highs” - zehn Lieder, zehn Geschichten, die unter die Haut gehen.

The Palace Residency for Emerging Artists

The Palace Residency and Festival for Emerging ArtistsAn intimate hothouse of 200 early-career creatives10 + nationalities, 25 + art forms, 2 weeks in a 700 year old polish palaceA non ...

Gemeinwohl in der Karriere

Selbstverwirklichung und sinnvolles Tun im Arbeitsleben sind Grundbedürfnisse und Menschenrechte. Es ist an der Zeit, die Voraussetzungen dafür zu schaffen. Gemeinwohl in der Karriere bringt Sinnsuchende mit sozial, ökologisch und ...


Short SummaryI was studying "human computer interaction design" a couple of years ago in Switzerland where we started a little project to train our design skills.In this project my idea ...

Zuckerfrey: Die Schokolade zum abnehmen

Die Kurzfassung Wir eröffnen das Café „Zuckerfrey“ in BerlinGesunde Ernährung macht glücklich… Schokolade aber auchUnsere Gleichung: Gesundheit + Schokolade = Gesunde Sünden zum gut fühlenDu bekommst von uns leckere Schokolade, ...


The Berlin Opera Group's Ariadne auf Naxos

Our StoryThe Berlin Opera Group is a brand new opera group based in Germany. We are a group of international singers and musicians from America, Ireland, Israel, Brazil, Germany, and ...

Practix - Fitness product for your home workout

So you decided you want to buy some weights and workout at home, Great! But where do you begin? Should you buy dumbbells or kettlebells? What is the right weight ...


Sebastian Block / Album 2017

Im Frühjahr 2016 lag eine längere Tour hinter mir und ich hatte mich eigentlich grad erst aus dem Studio verabschiedet, da lernte ich den Produzenten Oded K.dar kennen und landete ...

World's cheapest Life lasting Automatic Watch

The watch is – pardon the pun – a timeless piece of technology. On the other hand, however, it is a piece of technology that we expect to keep up ...


Glowing Kanji - ベルリンアト

You see what we do, do you want it?

END LOS - A Crossover-Perfomance

END_LOSAbout The Performance:"END_LOS" is about growing up as a "Digital Native", about our fast paced and dense lifestyles, the endless circles we find ourselves partially entrapped in , and the ...

SCOPOPHILIAC: Eyes in a vending machine.

Short SummaryWe are all eager to expose ourselves. Everyone is giving out pieces of themselves. But what about the other side of the mirror? The perspective of the voyeur is ...

Eilmeldung: Terroranschlag

Deutschland: Wie ein muslimischer Jugendlicher zwischen Religion und moderner Gesellschaft entscheidet.

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