Crowdfunding Projekte aus Berlin - Übersicht


"Wir sind dieSumme unser Erfahrungen" - PrenticeMulford Wir begleiten eine Gruppe von 7-bis 13-jährigen Mädchen und Jungen in den Sommerferien, die im Autonomen Frauenhaus LübeckZuflucht gefunden haben. Auf ihrerReise nach ...

Help us and Cambodia: Our new fair trade store

What is happening here? At first, please understandthat English is not my native language. So please be aware: There will be typos. A couple of years ago myfriend Gero spent ...

C - a short film

WHAT KIND OF MOVIE IS IT?It's a bit unsettling, with a tinge of absurdist comedy. Is it suspense? Not really. Is it comedy? Yes, but not exclusively. WHAT IS THE ...

3. Obscura Filmfestival Berlin

Das Obscura Filmfest geht in Berlin in die dritte Runde. Diesmal professioneller und größer als je zuvor. Ein neues Kino mit großer Leinwand und DCP Abspielmöglichkeit, der Filmrauschpalast in Moabit.Für ...


Yatao - 'Tour Bus' Crowdfunding

The Story: We are Malte and Alex, two people who randomly met through music and have been forming a very deep friendship over the past three years. Ever since we ...

Longrunner - FIRST affordable electric Skateboard

Presenting our masterpiece, the first truly affordable E Board:LongRunner - the Long-Range Low-Price eSkateboard! We are so excited to have been able to source the most affordable parts and in ...

Night To Be Gone

Introducing NIGHT TO BE GONE.NIGHT TO BE GONE is about a driven young pool hustler who loses everything in a game in Berlin against the best player in Europe, and ...

Female Soldiers

Thank you everyone for your support, I will be giving you updates soon on the progress of my work.



We are not collecting money for a record. But for two of them!!! 2 ganz besondere Alben GETTIN' ANGRY und LIES/truths. CABARET SOUL - Sound aus Berlin. THANKS TO ALL ...

Indieberlin Book Fair for Indie Authors

Greetings! (German text follows – Für die deutsche Beschreibung bitte nach unten scrollen. Und unser deutsches Intro Video findet ihr hier!) This is the literary team of indieberlin speaking. You ...

The Billion Dollar Homepage

Your Number belongs only to you!Numbers are powerful numeric codes that we use in our daily lives to achieve everything from the smallest of tasks to the greatest of transactions. ...


With your help, we will be able to put a device on the market which has high precision and great affordability, does not have to be stationary due to its ...

iON - World first smart water concentrate

Why you need to drink iON every day?Scientific research Has been shown that food does not contain natural norm of iodine. Polyatomic ions of iodine enriches the composition of products. ...

Keyando - The Game of Happiness

The Keyando Cards - developed according to the latest International Research on Human Flourishing and HappinessThe 46 different Keyando cards represent adventure, love, freedom, nature, security and everything in between. ...

Luxus statt Tröglitz. First Class für Flüchtlinge

Ausgerechnet scheiß TröglitzDie Flüchtlingsunterkunft in Tröglitz wird kommen. Wir wollen den Aufenthalt unter den Irren ein wenig entspannter gestalten und für ein nettes Hotel sammeln, in dem sich die Flüchtlinge ...

Handcrafted Wayuu Colombian bags to Fight Poverty

WHY WE DO IT The Wayuu live in the mineral-richdepartment of La Guajira in north-eastern Colombia. Despite the wealth generated bymining operations, the Wayuu suffer from poverty rates of 58.4% ...


LUUV - The first plug & play camera stabilizer

Crowdfunding campaign for solidLUUV is live!Check out our campaign here:'t miss the limited SUPER EARLY BIRD RATE: Get your solidLUUV exclusively for €99 (≈ USD 109) and your ultraLUUV ...

The Diary of Helga Pollak

Dear friends and visitors, thanks for visiting this Campaign and for being ready to learn about a project which is of particular importance to me. And of course, I do ...

Race 61 - Music Documentary

/////FUNKTIONIERT NOCH, OBWOHL DIE KAMPAGNE ABGELAUFEN IST///// ///CAMPAIGN STILL WORKS! PLEASE DONATE AND HELP THE MUSEUM!/// Race 61 - Music DocumentaryLink zum ganzen Film / Watch the whole movie! ...

A New Home for Refugees

Project Introduction We want to support two refugee families by giving them a new home before the Winter comes.We are a family of four, currently still living in Berlin. We ...

Smart GeoOne - Inovation technology in the world

SMART GeoOne Durable steel case. Our Smart GeoOne comes in 3 standart color options Universal design 3 functional mechanical buttons Processor: QualcommSnapdragon Wear: 2100 up to 1.6 GHz optimized for ...


Fountain of Youth

This project is to produce initial functioning samples of the Fountain of Youth, an indoor/outdoor fountain powered by water pressure.

BIOSCOPE - an animated painting

for this large brueghelesque animated painting we are using lenticular print to create the illusion of movement.


Lumibag - The first illuminated festival and party bag

I build illuminated drawstring backpacks with ultra bright and durable El-Wires. Perfect for dark clubs, festivals and even cycling


Downhill Willows - New Album Project

Berlin's trio Downhill Willows released a buzz-generating debut album in 2016. Now they wanna record new songs for you in high quality

We are Europe - Film

From the ice of the Nordic lands to the shores of the Southern islands - A film to connect the people of Europe

"Berlin Monochrome - A tribute to Film Noir"

A high value, fine art photography book, where professional streetphotography from Berlin meets the fascinating mood of film noir.


LoLo micro-kitchen

Smile! A positively charged solution for small kitchens in offices, hostels or at home.


Garden State Candles

Garden State is an interiors fragrance and state of mind brand. 100% soy wax candles, scented w/ essential & botanical fragrance oils.


NiO - wooden earphones organizer made in Germany

NiO is created to make your life comfortable. It is designed to keep your earphones free from tangle in your daily life. Enjoy it!

Patches for everyone - Café Viereck

Um neue Patchdesigns für euch umzusetzen - weil Ihr die besten Patches und den besten Service verdient!


World's first affordable LongRange E-Skateboard - Longrunner

We managed to create a real high-power electronic LongBoard for unbeatable low production costs - to give everyone the eSkate Feeling!

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