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Recent Crowdfunding Projects from Berlin


Help us and Cambodia: Our new fair trade store

What is happening here? At first, please understandthat English is not my native language. So please be aware: There will be typos. A couple of years ago myfriend Gero spent ...

3. Obscura Filmfestival Berlin

Das Obscura Filmfest geht in Berlin in die dritte Runde. Diesmal professioneller und größer als je zuvor. Ein neues Kino mit großer Leinwand und DCP Abspielmöglichkeit, der Filmrauschpalast in Moabit.Für ...

BIOSCOPE - an animated painting

for this large brueghelesque animated painting we are using lenticular print to create the illusion of movement.


Lumibag - The first illuminated festival and party bag

I build illuminated drawstring backpacks with ultra bright and durable El-Wires. Perfect for dark clubs, festivals and even cycling

We are Europe - Film

From the ice of the Nordic lands to the shores of the Southern islands - A film to connect the people of Europe

"Berlin Monochrome - A tribute to Film Noir"

A high value, fine art photography book, where professional streetphotography from Berlin meets the fascinating mood of film noir.

Finding Happiness in Berlin

Moving to Berlin to write my 2nd book, on loss, trauma, regret, guilt and how to overcome it when you find the thing that empowers you.


Pazls - the future of modular furniture

Design your furniture the way you want it to be. Your sideboard can be turned into a shelf - it's your decision. No tools required.

Our Crowdinvesting Partners


Upcoming Events

25/01/2017 16:00

Crowdfunding Office Hours

Lohnt sich Crowdfunding für mein Projekt? Und wenn ja, welche Art des Crowdfundings ist die richtige? Crowdfunding Berlin bietet eine Crowdfunding-Erstberatung an, in der Du genau diese Fragen klären kannst. ...


30/05/2017 00:00

Workshop: Nachhaltiges Crowdfunding auf EcoCrowd

Vom 30.5.2017 bis zum 5. Juni findet die Europäische Nachhaltigkeitswoche statt, das heißt in dieser Zeit werden über 500 Aktionen in 15 Ländern zum Thema nachhaltige Entwicklung veranstaltet. Dabei dürfen ...



5th Crowdinvesting Symposium 2017 "The Regulation of FinTechs"

The 5th Crowdinvesting Symposium will be held on Friday, October 6th, 2017 at the Humboldt University of Berlin. This year, the symposium will focus on "the Regulation of FinTechs". The aim of the symposium is to ...

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