Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting Projects from Berlin - Overview

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DISAPPEAR - The Documentary

Not a day goes by without bad news for our personal data: Facebook members are psychologically manipulated to affect elections; millions of passwords and IDs are auctioned on the darknet; ...

Risograph Printings by Flavio Man

I`m Flavio Man. Argentinian artist now living in Berlin. This project is to create a limited experimental series of prints with the technique of risograph with images of my works.

Poster – explore the moment

Poster zeigt dir jederzeit, was du gerade unternehmen kannst. Discover events and happenings in real time. Nach erfolgreicher Realisierung der iOS-App, dient diese Kampagne der Finanzierung unseres nächsten Meilensteines: Poster ...


Sediments We Move - Ein Stück für Chor & Band

Sediments We Move ist ein 60-minütiges Stück, das die Saxophonistin und Komponistin Charlotte Greve für die New Yorker Band Wood River und den 40-köpfigen Berliner Chor Cantus Domus geschrieben hat. ...

Alexa Blitz - Be part of the rebellion

This is your chance: Help this female comic book anti-hero to conquer the big screen!

T.P.O.R.T. - A first-person puzzle game. tport

Utilize up to 3 teleporters to solve puzzle rooms. Place teleporters where every you are and activate those at any time.


John Sinclair Tonstudio Braun Klassiker Folge 1 auf Vinyl

John Sinclair Tonstudio Braun Klassiker Folge 1 "Das Horror-Schloß im Spessart" auf Doppel Vinyl/LP

Der Nukleare Traum / The Nuclear Dream

Bildband über die deutsche Atomgeschichte / Coffe table book about the hidden world of atomic energy

A high-end Pinup Burlesque calendar 2020 "Diva". Handpainted

The Art of SARA HORWATH - 2020 wall calendar; Handpainted by SARA HORWATH, award-winning & Europe's greatest living pin-up illustrator

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