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Hier werden für dich Crowdfunding-Arten unterschieden (donation-, reward-, equity- und lending-based). Du kannst die Plattformen filtern, um herauszufinden, welche am besten zu deinem Projektvorhaben passen.

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The Palace Festival for Emerging Artists

Residency and showcase for early career creatives to contribute, collaborate and play.

Little Pinks in Suzanne Dellal Centre

Our dance piece “Little Pinks” has been invited to take part in the 2016 Summer Dance Festival of the Suzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv. We're asking for your support ...

International Opera Projects

"Where the Old Meets the New"- A new Festival that puts a new spin on Opera!

DETACHED by Dance Theatre Collective ANDERPLATZ

ANDERPLATZ brings together 9 collaborators from Spain, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Austria and the USA for their first theatre-dance show: DETACHED.

'The 614th Commandment' Fundraising Campaign

"The 614th Commandment" - A play about what American Jews think about Germany today

The Berlin Opera Group's Debut Opera Season

The Berlin Opera Group is putting on their first opera season and needs your help!

Meet your new friend: EUMEL!

Eumel ist eine 2 Meter Stabfigur animiert von 5 Puppenspielern als eine Strassentheateraktion. Wir sind eine Strassentheatergruppe.

If I am HIV positive, will you dance with me?

While HIV is not longer a deadly disease in developed countries today, many People Living with HIV still face strong social prejudices which impact their quality of life. "If I ...

Zirkrobajka Summertour-Circus Project needs a bus!

Zirkrobajka was founded in 2011 by some friends who wanted to combine circus and traveling. What first looked like a one-time-thing is growing to be an international network for people ...

Erster Europäischer Mauerfall

Wir werden die neuen EU-Außengrenzen zum 25. Jahrestag des Mauerfalls kurzerhand wieder abreißen.

Berliner Luft! It's In The Air!

An entertaining romp through the history of burlesque from 1860s New York City to 1930s Berlin, and a look at the influential woman of the Weimar Era.

Zentrum fuer Politische Schoenheit

Die Bundesregierung steht durch unser hyperreales Theaterstück unter Druck. Jetzt kommt das Mahnmal gegen die Lebensgefahr und Todesängste syrischer Kinder.

Eumel likes Eumel

Eumel is a 2-metre-stick puppet which is played by 5 puppeteers on the street. We are a street theatre group. I had the idea for this kind of the puppet-theatre ...

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