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Onehandplate - eat independently despite limited mobility

We enable you to cut and eat every meal of the day with only one hand!


Help the art, games, playful media festival and international platform, A MAZE. , reach a more sustainable future. #AmazeNotDead

The Galaxy in Crystal Glass - The Big Sphere

The Milky Way in a Sphere with a diameter of 15cm/6". Many have asked for it, we want to fulfill the wish. The Big Sphere and more..

One Line Art Enamel Pins

line art enamel pins of your favourite animals


Understand your cycle and harness its full potential with the Bloody Yes! calendar

Sophie & Friends - Nurturing children's mental health

A values-based YouTube channel brightening the future by teaching socio-emotional skills, compassion & self-worth to kids

The Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book

An award-winning activity book, drawing people of all ages into the conversation about climate change and the energy transition.

black box - R.E.D. Residency

A lecture performance about the inequality of the medical system and the cervix.


We are 34minus1, a team of student designers and filmmakers from London currently living in Berlin on our Erasmus year. Launching our Erasmus year on the brink of Brexit has ...


My name is RIOT1394 and i'm a Graffitiartist & Illustrator. I live and work in Berlin. I loved comics since i was a little kid and my dream was always ...

Marvel Dr. Strange Plush

I find there is nearly not enough Dr. Strange Merch out there, so I decided to make it myself!

Moss Keramik needs more pottery wheels!

We are a pottery community in Berlin. We need more tools to achieve pottery bliss!

Geometrisches Ballett - Hommage à Oskar Schlemmer

Crowdfunding for the replication of the dance sculptures of the artist Ursula Sax for the new production of the Geometric Ballet

Creative Clues - a visual aid for collaboration and ideation

Use illustration and text stickers to brainstorm, enhance user research, improve teamwork and visualize co-creation sessions.

PRESENT — A Magazine About Making In This World

Championing the journey of everyone crazy and courageous enough to live and work on their own dream.

The Star Constellations in a Sphere and in a Game

The third large and science merged together into an 8 cm solid glass orb and also into a card game. "The Startets"  

Gamma series — space-inspired watches with a luminous design

The third collection by Divided By Zero brings in a unique reworked case, space-themed design, and luminous sandwich dial.

First Electric Vehicles Card Game

A deck of cards with 32 electric cars from all over the world. Play Top Trumps or Quartet, compare data and have fun.

The Blue Sweater | Made of 100% Wood. To Save & Give Water.

Introducing the world's first premium sweater made of 100% beech wood fiber for the sole purpose of saving & giving water. #choosewater

notamuse – The Book

A New Perspective on Women Graphic Designers in Europe: showcasing the work of more than 50 women graphic designers in Europe.

The WAYKS ONE: A sustainable & transformable Travel Backpack

A sustainably made, modular backpack, that converts from a carry-on Travel Backpack into a smaller Day Pack + Camera / Cooler Bag

Mapuguaquén - unique, handmade clay speakers!

MAPUGUAQUÉN is the world's first active sound system made of clay. They fuse the state-of-the-art in electronics and amplification with ancestral craft techniques. Their acoustics were developed by renowned engineers ...

Dedication - based upon a short story by Stephen King

An eery fantasy drama about a young woman resorting to supernatural means to escape her past.

Drool Magazine vol. 2

A collaborative project of young mixed-media artists, reflecting on contemporary society & art. Fresh, sexy, catchy.

Experimental Electronic Instruments

Eurorack Modular Systems // Analog Drum Machines // Analog Synthesizers // Custom Designed VCP-OSC Controllers

"Jingah!" - an illustrated children's book

A magical new story of nature versus civilisation, sparked by the unlikely friendship of a clumsy Poppywopple and a curious Tchak.

RAVEN by Still hungry, a new circus show

STILL HUNGRY is a contemporary circus collective from Berlin. We are three mothers Romy, Anke and Lena who united after years of friendship to create a piece far from the ...

The Willowherb Review

The notion that the New Nature Writing has a diversity problem is not new. Critics and scholars have been talking about the need for diversity in nature writing for a ...

"You Don't Know Them" - Short Film Festival Distribution

"You Don't Know Them" is a short film created in early 2018. Now, we need our backers' support to share it with the world.

HIDE & SEEK – Performance & Video Art

“HIDE & SEEK” is a performance to experiment with emotions and communications. We will perform it at art festivals around the world.

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