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PostApocalyptic Scatter Terrain and Settlement Playsets

Build To Survive - a unique collection of 3d printable models for your wargaming tables by LOOTgames.

Risograph Printings by Flavio Man

I`m Flavio Man. Argentinian artist now living in Berlin. This project is to create a limited experimental series of prints with the technique of risograph with images of my works.

To a Syrian Prisoner of Conscience

The first publication of Falschrum Books, a not-for-profit publishing house based in Berlin.

Moss Keramik needs more pottery wheels!

We are a pottery community in Berlin. We need more tools to achieve pottery bliss!

MetaDada 2019 - an experimental arts festival

The second edition of a 36 hr experimental art festival just outside of Berlin.

Geometrisches Ballett - Hommage à Oskar Schlemmer

Crowdfunding for the replication of the dance sculptures of the artist Ursula Sax for the new production of the Geometric Ballet

Indian Mythology Enamel Pins

Karthik is creating Hard Enamel Pins based on characters from Indian Mythology!

Willa:1986 #1 - a Graphic Novel

A sci-fi thriller set in 1986, following Willa, a schizophrenia patient as she learns the truth about about her symptoms

IDIOM - SciFi AcroTheatre in Berlin

IDIOM is an Acrobatic Sci-Fi Theatre about Empathy, Artificial Intelligence, and the very things that make us human.

Mapuguaquén - unique, handmade clay speakers!

MAPUGUAQUÉN is the world's first active sound system made of clay. They fuse the state-of-the-art in electronics and amplification with ancestral craft techniques. Their acoustics were developed by renowned engineers ...

Drool Magazine vol. 2

A collaborative project of young mixed-media artists, reflecting on contemporary society & art. Fresh, sexy, catchy.

Capitalism By Heather Klar

A June-long installation at kma71 in Berlin, Germany, exploring the upsides & downsides of American capitalism and German socialism.

'Tart Art' 80s Phone box tart cards by Chelsea-Louise Berlin

'Tart Art' 80s Phone box tart cards by Chelsea-Louise Berlin An art book showcasing stunning original Prostitute cards collected from London phone boxes by the author in the late 1980s

The Kiez Mobil

The Kiez Mobil Berlin Glas would like to establish a mobile fusing workshop for children and teenagers from the refugee community in and around Berlin

SKENAR73 - UNSEEN PIECES | Graffiti-Book

Hello everybody, I‘m Skenar73 a graffiti artist from berlin city, Germany. I now need your help to publish my very first graffiti book. “UNSEEN PIECES“ is telling the story of ...

The Myth of Sisyphus

Inspired from the classic tale of Sisyphus and by the Albert Camus version of 1942, we made an art book and a music album. THE MYTH OF SISYPHUS Sisyphus chose ...

H&C presents "The Antidote"

The H&C gallery was founded in April 2017. Located in a Berlin apartment, which we transformed into a space where art became the norm and the lines between fantasy and ...

The Travelling Art Gallery - an artists project

Where art meets crowd and a cause Contemporary South African art is becoming increasingly popular internationally and art lovers and collectors are looking at this growing market. The Travelling Art ...

Dean Reynolds in a Group Art Show in Berlin, Germany

I am a contemporary surrealist artist. I am part of a group show in a gallery in Berlin, Germany. I need your help.

Ceramics Residency - Berlin

I have been invited to complete a month long ceramics residency at the Zentrum Fur Keramik, Berlin, Germany in July/August 2017.

TEGN Book 1

366 days, 366 sketches telling 366 stories, some smaller, some greater. The first part finally published in a beautiful artbook.

BIOSCOPE - an animated painting

for this large brueghelesque animated painting we are using lenticular print to create the illusion of movement.


A nonstop immersive interactive performance installation, revisiting a commune who have made their Home in a former butchery.

becoming part of an edible installation

As a food artist, I create edible experiences with delicate, handmade pralines - for you to enjoy


HelloArtist discovers artists and their works around you.

Wasteland Twinning Network: Online Hub Relaunch

Wasteland Twinning Network (WTN) hijacks the concept of ‘City Twinning’ and applies it to urban wastelands in order to generate a network for parallel research and action.

Reality is an illusion_Digital art by Stefania Santarcangelo

This project explore the subconscious behaviours linked to time and dreams. The collect fund a MacBook Pro with Retina to realize it.

Harmonic Ratios: Music, Maths and Crystals

A talk and installation around the relationship between patterns found in music and crystals. Oct. 6-16 2016 Berlin

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