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DEUTSCHE ÜBERSETZUNG, SIEHE UNTEN THE FORGOTTEN TREASUREIn 2014 I was working as a reporter in Rio de Janeiro and heard about an exhibition of East German art. I was born ...

Conversation Sparkers: cards to make a connection

Who are we?We are Annika, Emma, and Aileen. We are a coach, an illustrator, and a writer. We come from Germany, Hungary, and Scotland. This project started with a shared ...


In ’'Hybrid dreams’’ I am combinig architectural images with photographs of news reports in a way to visually depict social imbalances. I am using architechture as a metaphor of ones ...

The Palace Residency for Emerging Artists

The Palace Residency and Festival for Emerging ArtistsAn intimate hothouse of 200 early-career creatives10 + nationalities, 25 + art forms, 2 weeks in a 700 year old polish palaceA non ...

The Palace gallery needs a Projector!

The Palace is an international platform for emerging artists, culminating in a week long residency and showcase within the walls of a 700 year old palace in Southern Poland. We ...

The Palace Festival for Emerging Artists

Residency and showcase for early career creatives to contribute, collaborate and play.

House of Senses at Nowhere 2016

The Shandy Bisqwuits will build House of Senses at Nowhere, and we need your help to make it happen!

Dthulhu: Bath-Sculpture

Hello Mythos fans, Duck enthusiasts and Indiegogoers! Dthulhu is a high quality vinyl sculpture that will look great in your bathroom and be hours of fun in the tub! I ...


COMMON is a performance series inspired by first-hand experience. It is at the same time an autobiographical reflection and a social political research. I am asking for 30 Euros for ...

Die Toten kommen

Europas Grenzen sind militärisch abgeriegelt. Sie sind jetzt die tödlichsten Grenzen der Welt. Jahr für Jahr sterben Tausende Menschen beim Versuch, sie zu überwinden. Europa hat den Einwanderern den Krieg ...

Send Mauritian Artist DJUN to the Venice Biennale

My name is Djun. I was born in Mauritius. I currently work in Berlin where I teach visual arts to children from all over the world at the Berlin Cosmopolitan ...

Die Kosmosgesellschaft - The Cosmos Society

Help launch the Cosmos Society in style and get the cool Cosmos Society merchandise!


is a documentary film about the Indonesian artist and human right activist Arahmaiani, an icon of the contemporary art scene and a courageous rebel.


PRAXES ist eine nicht-kommerzielle Institution für internationale Gegenwartskunst und Recherche.

50 States Landscapes Art Gallery in BERLIN, GERMANY

Project Goal is to provide a permanent platform for mid professional landscape artists to exhibit AMERICAN ART in Berlin, Germany.

Jennifer Danos: The Way is not in the Sky

Jennifer's first solo exhibition in Berlin: June 20, 2014... please help support this huge opportunity and make this an amazing show!

BEN PATTERSON - SNEAK REVIEW. ein free-enactment

Performances. Konzert. Ausstellung. Publikation. Benjamin Patterson, Fluxus-Pionier, Künstler und Musiker wird dieses Jahr 80 Jahre alt. Um Patterson und sein Werk zu feiern, planen wir eine kleine Veranstaltungsreihe in Berlin ...


EAGLE AFRICA explores the largely unknown history of Germany on the african continent

Organhaus Art Residency in Chongqing, China

Artists Bitsy Knox and Christian Tonner need your help to fund their two-month artist residency and exhibition at Organhaus in Chongqing, China.

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