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Make/100: Hand-drawn Berlin Postcards

I’m illustrating 100 unique black & white Berlin postcards

Major Upgrade for Subused Original

Almost 2 years ago, Subused Original got started through Kickstarter... For this big Upgrade I’m asking for Your Help a second time..


Frenchkist - Besonders hoch stapelbar!

Dezentral aus Produktionsabfällen produzierte Holzkisten in Euronorm, die man mit einer French Cleat an die Wand hängen kann.

hinterlands – Magazin für rurale Realitäten

Printmagazin und Netzwerk für Perspektiven aus ländlichen Regionen Europas – lokale Berichterstattung transnational gedacht.

Das Wilde Workshop Spiele Buch für Trainings & Seminare

Eine Sammlung von Action-, IceBreaker- und Kennenlernspielen. Erprobt und erwachsenentauglich.


Mystic Nature Pin Collection

Mystic Nature Pin Collection is a set of hard enamel pins themed around nature.

Im Osten der Senf, im Westen die Kohle

Eine illustrierte Zeitreise zurück ins Berlin der 50er Jahre

MUTBOARD & VOGEL Berlin Designweek Student Edition

3 Tage + 64 Seiten = 1 Magazin. 24 Studenten gestalten gemeinsam mit Art Direktor Max und Texterin Sabine ein Special für die Berlin Designweek 2019

LENSTA GRIP - Turn Your Phone Into A Real Camera

Lensta Grip is all you need to become a professional phone photographer and take photos and videos on the go wherever you are, without having to carry your bulky DSLR ...

The LOOTgames Scatter Collection

Our 3d printable scatter collection for scifi / postapocalyptic wargames.

BertaBerlin Coworking Map

Die Coworking Space Landschaft in Berlin boomt! Es gibt Coworking Spaces jeder Art und Größe, für unterschiedliche Branchen, Nischen und Spezialisierungen und zusehends auch in (fast) allen Bezirken.Die BertaBerlin Coworking ...

Lissome Magazine

A holistic perspective on fashion at the threshold of a new era

Sustainable fashion made easy - The Soft Workwear Uniform

Finding affordable, sustainable fashion can be confusing and difficult. That’s why Silfir designed a new garment that’s simple, chic and sustainable: the Soft Workwear Uniform. It’s the statement outfit for ...

first page — A Literary Zine Where Teasers Become Heroes!

A not-for-profit, literary magazine that publishes the opening paragraphs of fiction works.

Beyond Reach

This photobook by Ethna O'Regan is a photographic dedication to the memory of the victims of the Berlin Wall.

Warband Shelter and great foam trays for tabletop miniatures

Protect, store and casually transport tabletop miniatures. We created an easy way to bring your Nightvault miniatures to safety.

Moss Keramik needs more pottery wheels!

We are a pottery community in Berlin. We need more tools to achieve pottery bliss!


Riverville: An interactive Photobook, Built from city’s of the world, with urban Landscape and citizens of Riverville.

The Green Conspiracy - Grow food with confidence

The garden planner that takes the guesswork out of growing edible plants

Enamel Pins: A Space-y Unicorn-y Collection

A collection of 3 enamel pins featuring space, unicorn and pegasus :3

TEL–AVIVIS, a photo book

Analogue beach portraits capturing the urban culture of young Jewish and Arab Israelis.


An original independent full-colour 54 card oracle deck made with a whole lot of love. Designed for intuition and clarity.

1 Blue Chair + 1 Model = 2 Pieces of Art Make 100

The Blue Chair Art Project Inspired by the Kickstarter Make 100 campaign. A photograph of 1 Blue Char + 1 Model = 2 Pieces of Art

#Make100: An off-beat pocket guide to Berlin's architecture

Anecdotes, stories, and a little bit of Berlin’s history. Join me for field trips through different parts of the city.

Train Boys

Yaoi Manga take place in U.S. ,two young train riders met on the same train from Colorado to California.

ECLIPSE. Andréas Lang

Fotobuch über geschichtliche Landschaften im Nahen Osten - photography book on historical landscapes in the Middle East.

Indian Mythology Shield Enamel Pins / Make 100

Limited Edition 100 Hanuman & Garuda Shield Enamel Pins based on their stories from Indian Mythology.

Moon Crystal Tarot

CAMPAIGNThis deck has already been successfully funded on Kickstarter and we are now entering the second phase of production and taking pre-orders! The deck will be ready for delivery in ...

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