Crowdfunding- und Crowdinvesting-Projekte aus Berlin - Übersicht

Filtern nach Projektart
Filtern nach Projektart

Hier werden für dich Crowdfunding-Arten unterschieden (donation-, reward-, equity- und lending-based). Du kannst die Plattformen filtern, um herauszufinden, welche am besten zu deinem Projektvorhaben passen.

Filtern nach Kreativbereich
Filtern nach Kreativbereich

Unterschiedliche Experten richten sich an unterschiedliche Kreativbereiche . Nutze den Kreativbereich-Filter, um den richtigen Expert für dein Projekt zu finden.

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Filtern nach Projektstatus

Peilsender - Kurzfilm

Ein feministischer Kurzfilm basierend auf einem Monolog aus dem Stück "Es ist Zeit. Abriss" von Albert Ostermaier.

Peilsender - Kurzfilm

Ein feministischer Kurzfilm basierend auf einem Monolog aus dem Stück "Es ist Zeit. Abriss" von Albert Ostermaier.


Ein düsterer Mann ringt mit seiner personifizierten Skrupel. Eine choreographierte, schreckenerregende Jagd beginnt.

EXCALIBUR CITY - ein kurzer Kinofilm

EXCALIBUR CITY (Kurzspielfilm) ist ein vietnamesisch-deutsches Crystal-Meth Musical über 2 Schwestern und ihre Reise nach Deutschland.

DISAPPEAR - The Documentary

Not a day goes by without bad news for our personal data: Facebook members are psychologically manipulated to affect elections; millions of passwords and IDs are auctioned on the darknet; ...

Who's Gonna Save Us. A short film by Adam Munnings.

Who´s Gonna Save Us is a 10 minute short film about a girl who kidnaps her mother from hospital, takes her to a utopian-like room she's created, feeds her a ...

Koudelka Shooting Holy Land - The BluRay & DVD Edition

Creating a BluRay & DVD edition of the award-winning film Koudelka Shooting Holy Land, with over 40min of never-before-seen content.

IDIOM - SciFi AcroTheatre in Berlin

IDIOM is an Acrobatic Sci-Fi Theatre about Empathy, Artificial Intelligence, and the very things that make us human.

Dedication - based upon a short story by Stephen King

An eery fantasy drama about a young woman resorting to supernatural means to escape her past.

"You Don't Know Them" - Short Film Festival Distribution

"You Don't Know Them" is a short film created in early 2018. Now, we need our backers' support to share it with the world.

HIDE & SEEK – Performance & Video Art

“HIDE & SEEK” is a performance to experiment with emotions and communications. We will perform it at art festivals around the world.

IXESTUM (Animated Short Film)

Ixestum is an animated exploration of the phenomenon we call “enlightenment”, told from the non-human perspective of an advanced alien life form.

Miserere: Batsheba & King David Retold:

When her scorned lover seeks revenge, Beth is torn between conflicting identities as a

Transmodernity - A Film About Changemakers

The system is crumbling. Something is coming to an end, opening a

The Prospectives: A Narrative Podcast

For its fourth installment, the serialized Instagram anthology makes a leap into podcasting


Wir wollen mit "Tridentity" einen dramatischen Action-Thriller auf die deutschen Kino-Leinwände bringen.

An Impossible Project

The Project tells the story of the people who saved the last Polaroid factory in the world. It's an ambitious feature documentary, started in 2013, filmed over a period of ...


Shortfilm about a man's longing for nature and fantasy in a world of bureaucracy.

Dokumentarfilm "The Red Pill": Deutschlandpremiere in Berlin

Ziel des Projekts ist eine Deutschlandpremiere von Cassie Jayes Dokumentarfilm über die Männerrechtsbewegung in einem Berliner Kino.

The Valley of the Cross

A film about a queer love story at the beginning of the 20th century.

Surf Berlin - The (Self) Movie

A man becomes a slave to his obsession to be the first in history to surf the last German wave before it's gone forever. A documentary.

Music video for 'The Flame'

Canada meets Berlin: This summer Adam Wendler and the film production mild+zucker are creating a music video for Adam's newest tune!

Daemon's scale up - Brieuc Le Meur - Berlin

A musical drama shot in Berlin on mid august and september with 15 women dancers and 4 actors...

For the Daemon _ A short film in Berlin

A musical thriller with 4 actors, 15 dancers, 2 cameras, 10 technicians

DVD-Release "Geschenkt wurde uns nichts"

DVD-Erstellung des Films "Geschenkt wurde uns nichts - die Geschichte einer italienischen Partisanin" mit Bonusmaterial und Booklet.

GoLiday: the side which makes your videos into a movie

Planing a website you can easily send your videos from holidays to and get back a short video, which includes all the highlights.

The Lost Generation

I am working on a project that explores the relationship between education to work for youth within the European Union.

Still Looking Good - a film

Still Looking Good is a film that brings together dance, sound and a visual aesthetic that are drawn from and reference pervasive sociopolitical forces that organise modern human activity, as ...

Berlin Transgression

Berlin Transgression tells the stories of transvestite, transgender and transsexual artists who struggle between two genders, two identities, two lives. This project sheds light on the day and night life ...

The Alternative Black Berlin Documentary

My main goal for 2016 is to start a documentary about members of the Alternative Black community who are participating in their respective cultures in Berlin, Germany. The “alternative cultures” ...

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