Crowdfunding- und Crowdinvesting-Projekte aus Berlin - Übersicht

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Filtern nach Projektart

Hier werden für dich Crowdfunding-Arten unterschieden (donation-, reward-, equity- und lending-based). Du kannst die Plattformen filtern, um herauszufinden, welche am besten zu deinem Projektvorhaben passen.

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Filtern nach Kreativbereich

Unterschiedliche Experten richten sich an unterschiedliche Kreativbereiche . Nutze den Kreativbereich-Filter, um den richtigen Expert für dein Projekt zu finden.

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16 Days in Berlin: The Final Battle of WW2

***Every single one of our rewards includes digital access to the documentary**The Ultimate Documentary on The Battle of Berlin16 Days in Berlin tells the story of the ultimate World War ...

Polymer Short Film - Finishing Funds

The film is a response to the many corporate scandals in recent years, such as the Volkswagen diesel scandal, the Theranos fraud, and others. Polymer takes place in real time ...

Ricochet - A Short Narrative Film

RICOCHET - The storyNatalie is trying to piece back her life after losing custody of 6-year-old, Rosie.Pushing everyone away she is left quite alone with an unshakeable weight on her ...


DEUTSCHE ÜBERSETZUNG, SIEHE UNTEN THE FORGOTTEN TREASUREIn 2014 I was working as a reporter in Rio de Janeiro and heard about an exhibition of East German art. I was born ...

Connected Rhythms

A documentary about parallel expressions of music, Berlin meets Cairo.

Distant Relatives Bike Tour

1,200 Km. 15 days. 5 countries. 2 bicycles. 1 story about culture, exploration, and relations.

le Rebound

We are an international team of filmmakers raising finishing funds for our dreamy, funny, seductive French short film.

Help Dear Reader Make a Movie!

The new DR album will have a brilliant visual companion, but we need your help to make it happen!

kart kids der film

Studio Kippenberger specializes in capturing motorsporting culture and the stories of the people involved. Our current project shows the boys and girls pursuing their dreams and learning how to be ...


KEN - THE MOVIE is a new film project by award-winning writer-director Claudia Rorarius. The musician Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, R.E.M., Big Star) will play the lead character in his ...


Dark Comedy: A documentary film crew follows a man who lives in Berlin’s 21 analogue photo booths

Kiev Stingl - NO ERKLAERUNGEN - Dokumentarfilm

Dokumentarfilm über Kiev Stingl, einen deutschen Rockmusiker, Dichter & Außenseiter der 70er-80er

LESS IS MORE - About people, breast cancer and love

„Was soll so schlecht daran sein, dass man ein Mensch ist?“ Fragt die queere New Yorker Künstlerin Melanie Testa, die sich nach einer beidseitigen Mastektomie gegen Brustrekonstruktion entschieden hat. Und ...

LaborBerlin 2.0 - FILM AIN'T DEAD

Mach mit und werde Teil einer internationalen Bewegung, die die Arbeit mit analogem Film lebendig hält. Unterstütze uns dabei, das Wissen und die Technologie des bewegten Bildes auf Film zu ...

The Florence Foster Jenkins Story

We are thrilled to invite you to join us in creating a glamorous, touching, and highly entertaining film experience.


In a fictional journey to India, director Udita Bhargava illuminates the changes taking place within her environment, bringing to you a story about transformation, power and hope, told entirely from ...

Fear The Walking Dead: Podcast

Die Serienjunkies brauchen Euch! Im lauen Sommer sind wir auf Eure Hilfe angewiesen um eine neue Podcastreihe aufzunehmen. #TeamAlbern ist wieder komplett und würde gerne wöchentlich die aktuellen Episoden des ...

Finis Terrae - An Essay Film

"Finis Terrae" ist ein 90minütiger Kinofilm. Filmessay beschreibt in diesem Fall die Kombination aus politischem Dokumentarfilm und poetischem Subjektivismus.Die filmische "Suche nach der verlorenen Utopie" führt durch das alte Europa ...

Bad Lesbian

"Bad Lesbian" is funny, fierce and feminist. It's a comedy short film about a desperate girl who is recovering from a recent breakup and is seeking for love and understanding ...

Lo Sound Desert

So it's finally happening after almost 9 years since the first trailer hit the web... Some of you already know, but Lo Sound Desert is finished and ready for boarding! ...

Real Soldiers

'Real Soldiers' is an insight into the lives of two war journalists working for a state owned Russian news channel, climaxing when the pair find out that Russia is planning ...

Ruth Denison - The Silent Dance of Life

Ruth Denison has spent 91 years learning how to move gracefully through life.“The Silent Dance of Life” is the first feature length documentary on Ruth Denison and her meditation center, ...


VAMOS: our NEW Videoclip! Ilustrated & animated, and now we have to pay it ;)

Everything Beta - Startup Film

Giving birth is the most powerful idea on earth. The 21st century is about the entrepreneur.

Liza ruft! - The Movie

The first Documentary made on a Female Jewish Partisan - with Fania Brantsovskaya


Wen wollen wir lieben? Wie wollen wir leben? Und wo führt das alles hin? KÜSSE

Berlin Community Radio

Berlin Community Radio is an independent project bringing you fresh music and culture shows 24h/day


A call girl is forced to reconcile with her unfulfilled dreams and desires.

Orange 'Ear to Iceland

Producing catchy videos of Icelandic musicians in typical Orange 'Ear style: up close, real, unique

Hörbuch zum Kult-Buch!

Hörbuch-Produktion des Kult-Romans „UNTER FRAUEN“ mit Kino-Star Antoine Monot als Sprecher!


There Is No Free Lunch - 5 uncompromising conceptual music films painting a picture of society today

Magic Man song: this is my disappear - videoclip

A Puppet! A song! And bit by bit pictures and videosequences for a music video prod. by Max Ebert.

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