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Zen Journey

Photobook about japanese Zen gardens, Zen philosophy and Zen poetry.


We are 34minus1, a team of student designers and filmmakers from London currently living in Berlin on our Erasmus year. Launching our Erasmus year on the brink of Brexit has ...

Female Photographers Org - Art Book and Group Show

FemalePhotographers.Org is an independent non-profit, non-hierarchical artist collective. We are a group of emerging and established female photographers. Currently we work on our first book project and need your support ...

Descriptive Anatomy

Descriptive Anatomy is an analog photographic series by Verena Frye that portrays tattooed hands.How much anonymity do you retain after having your hands tattooed? How much of your personality do ...

Der Nukleare Traum / The Nuclear Dream

Bildband über die deutsche Atomgeschichte / Coffe table book about the hidden world of atomic energy

Beyond Reach

This photobook by Ethna O'Regan is a photographic dedication to the memory of the victims of the Berlin Wall.

TEL–AVIVIS, a photo book

Analogue beach portraits capturing the urban culture of young Jewish and Arab Israelis.

1 Blue Chair + 1 Model = 2 Pieces of Art Make 100

The Blue Chair Art Project Inspired by the Kickstarter Make 100 campaign. A photograph of 1 Blue Char + 1 Model = 2 Pieces of Art

100 Years of Life

Hello, I am Thomas Kierok. People are my passion.     I've been working as a Portrait photographer for magazins, agencies and companies in Berlin, Germany for over 25 now.  I ...

Streetphotography Exhibition 2018 in Berlin

Help to realize the Streetphotography Exhibition "Kiezgeschichten" Berlin 2018 in the Gallery "Lieb & Teuer" in famous Kreuzberg

Instant Stage

"Instant Stage" is my first-ever photography book, based on a project that I have started almost three years ago. My name is Ioana Tăut and I am a Romanian music ...

TANZ, dancing with refugee kids. A THEY HAVE NAMES Photobook

TANZ ist ein Bildband des Projekts They Have Names. Die Bilder entstanden in einem Zeitraum von ungefähr zwei Jahren in der Malteser Flüchtlingsnotunterkunft im ICC Berlin. Der Bildband wird etwa ...


A unique photographic journey in Black and White through Mexico during the presidential elections in the year 2006

SAYEDA Women in Egypt / A Photography Book by Amelie Losier

"SAYEDA Women in Egypt" proposes in portraits and interviews many answers to the question: What's it like to be a woman in Egypt today?

Q Revolt - Portrait of women who love women

Q Revolt is a portrait series about women, who have in common nothing else but their sexual orientation, aiming to break stereotypes.

1000 in Berlin portraits of people

1000 portraits of people in Berlin are shown in their colorful, multicultural splendor. It's a declaration of love to Berlin !

Musica fantásia – an incredible photo calendar 2017

A high-quality and exclusive large format photo calendar with 12 unbelievably fantastic photographs.

Tarzipan Books presents 'A-B-C Photography'

Jan von Holleben and his brother Marius are on a mission to save the world - with photo books for kids. Help us launch the first book.

UNLEASHED - Full Control Over Your DSLR From Your Smartphone

A beautifully designed tiny Bluetooth module, packed with features: Fully control your DSLRs settings. Wireless. From your smartphone.

Burger&Babes Kalender 2017

Burgers&Babes ist eine Hommage an Berlin, wunderschöne Frauen und das Fastfood das wir lieben: Burger.

À Bruit, a Return from the Hunt

photobook. Return from the hunt - photographs. With a text by the artist Damien Cadio.

WARonWALL - A new exhibit on the Berlin Wall

A photo exhibit about Syrian war wounded and destroyed Syrian cities on the Berlin Wall to help and raise awareness for refugees

SHIFTING FOCUS: Contemporary Photography Exhibition

SHIFTING FOCUS is a group show of international artists focusing on photography. The 1st edition will start in Berlin in July 15th 2016

Clear of People — A photobook by Michal Iwanowski

Michal Iwanowski’s photobook “Clear of People” retraces a journey, originally made in 1945 by the artist’s grandfather and uncle, through a politically charged and precarious landscape.

50 mm f/0.75 - The fastest photographic lens in the world!

Why do we need fast lenses today, in a time when digital cameras give you ten million ISO and can see better in darkness than a whole heard of cats? ...

HOPE - by Alexander von Wiedenbeck

Mein Plan ist es nun, meine Bilder und meine Geschichte mittels einer Wanderausstellung mit einem dazugehörigen Ausstellungskatalog mit der Welt zu teilen und die auf der einen Seite katastrophalen Lebensumstände ...

solidLUUV: The All-In-One Camera Stabilizer

Shake-free videos, every time! solidLUUV is the world's 1st all-in-one stabilizer for all action cams, smartphones and compact cams. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone or an action camera in their ...

„BLACK AND WHITE“ - “Well begun is half done.” (Artistotle)

In einer Zeit, in der sich viele Künstler wieder der Schwarzweißfotografie zuwenden, blicke auch ich zehn Jahre später auf meine Wurzeln zurück. Die bisher wenig veröffentlichten Werke in schwarz-weiß spiegeln ...

All The People

A beautiful photo art book of portraits and conversations with people that may expand your idea of gender.

Prypyat mon Amour

I am a 30-year old photographer, originally from Ukraine, residing in Berlin, Germany. In 1986 I was evacuated from Pripyat, Ukraine, following the nuclear power plant catastrophe in Chernobyl.I would ...




A football photography book like no other about the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, by Ryu Voelkel.

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