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Hier werden für dich Crowdfunding-Arten unterschieden (donation-, reward-, equity- und lending-based). Du kannst die Plattformen filtern, um herauszufinden, welche am besten zu deinem Projektvorhaben passen.

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Gamma series — space-inspired watches with a luminous design

The third collection by Divided By Zero brings in a unique reworked case, space-themed design, and luminous sandwich dial.


RUNVI is your personal digital running coach, designed to help you achieve your full running potential. With the RUNVI SMART INSOLES, we define the next-generation of running wearables, delivering the ...

TRÜBERBOOK - A Nerd Saves the World

Begib dich auf eine abenteuerliche Reise in ein Paralleluniversum der 1960er Jahre – in der deutschen Provinz! Ein Sci-Fi-Mystery Adventure Game mit handgebauten Kulissen. Trüberbrook ist ein atmosphärisches, storybasiertes Adventure ...


Please support: A ~240-page book on public space interventions that manifest as urban machines by emerging designers and artists from around the world. The ~240 page book you see in ...

Jaspr - An app to bring cash-free trade to the digital world

Jaspr makes finding great trades easy, fast, and fun, helping you save money, meet cool people, and live more sustainably.

FIELD KIT - Electroacoustic Workstation

The Field Kit lets you amplify ordinary objects and use the sound in a musical and experimental way. 'Musique Concrète' for the people!


HelloArtist discovers artists and their works around you.

Beelinguapp: Two Languages Side by Side

An audiobook app to learn languages. It shows you the text you listen to in a language you learn and your native language side by side!

Amikumu: the app to use languages with people near you

Find and contact people nearby who speak a specific language. / Trovu kaj kontaktu esperantistojn apude.

GoLiday: the side which makes your videos into a movie

Planing a website you can easily send your videos from holidays to and get back a short video, which includes all the highlights.

Hunter & Cron - Essen Livestream - Berlin Con 2016

Wir - das sind Johannes "Hunter" Jaeger und Jan "Cron" Cronauer - betreiben unseren YouTube-Kanal "Hunter & Cron - Brettspiele" seit November 2013 und haben mittlerweile über 8.000 Abonnenten auf ...

Awesome Shield: The At-Home Code School for Future Inventors

Awesome Shield is custom hardware, simplified code, and more than 100 online video tutorials that make coding fun and easy. Future inventors learn at their own pace, developing new skills ...

PACE - Mach dein Auto zum Smartcar!

Verbinde dein Auto mit der Welt von morgen! Komme sicher und staufrei ans Ziel, spare dabei Sprit und Geld, bekomme Hilfe bei Pannen und Notfällen und erhalte viele weitere Informationen ...

ESSENCE - The Resurrection

A new surreal first person exploration adventure. Get lost in miraculous worlds and experience a true journey beyond time and space. Essence is a cross over between an exploration and ...

Odyssey TRX SDR DDC/DUC Tranceiver

Odyssey TRX - is the result of lengthy research and numerous experiments and think I did a great device for radioamateurs. This is a fully finished project and ready for ...

HAGAFU - Home Of Awesome

I believe you value your time, I also do. With this in mind Hagafu approaches the content distribution from your side, from the side that really matters. This is going ...

ACPAD – The Electronic Orchestra For Your Guitar

ACPAD is the World’s First Wireless MIDI Controller for Acoustic Guitar. With ACPAD, you have access to hundreds of instruments, sound effects and loops - right where you want them: ...

solidLUUV: The All-In-One Camera Stabilizer

Shake-free videos, every time! solidLUUV is the world's 1st all-in-one stabilizer for all action cams, smartphones and compact cams. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone or an action camera in their ...

RelaxBox - a box to thouroughly secure your internet access

Abhörskandale, Viren, Abmahnungen und gesperrte Videos - jeder kennt diese Probleme vom täglichen Surfen oder aus den Medien. Mit der RelaxBox präsentieren wir eine einfache Lösung, um endlich wieder ohne ...

MANGLORY - The marketplace for men

Support the world’s first marketplace dedicated to men that will change your everyday shopping experience. Get your glory back!

Wie bei Oma

Mit meinem Projekt möchte ich dir die Möglichkeit bieten, dein ganz persönliches Rezeptbuch DEINER Oma zu gestalten. Was du dazu brauchst? Ganz einfach: eine Kamera und einige Rezepte. Auf einer ...

Nuimo: Seamless Smart Home Interface

Nuimo is a freely configurable, wireless controller for your favorite apps and smart devices. Nuimo is an intuitive and natural way to interact with your connected devices. Nuimo works with ...

BuddyGuard: Intelligent and discreet home security system

Flare, the name of our device, is an easy to use home security system with a sleek design that looks right in every home. Forget about alarm codes, maintenance contracts ...

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