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20 Seconds Magazine

a print-only magazine for experimental music and art


"She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" Holo Glitter Charms

Doublesided clear holographic "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" charms with glitter epoxy.

School Wars!!

A surreal high school adventure with time travel!

Men's t-shirts with print

Men's t-shirts Organic cotton+quality printing



Enough music for 2 albums. Let's create high quality vinyl limited editions!!! Many dope songs get released for the first time.

It's love - isn't it?

Movie about Scamming - "Two lonely hearts find love, but what is the price?" Genre: Drama, Education // Art: Short

Pentagame: The Pentagram Shaped Board Game

A game with simple rules and NO DICE that is played on a pentagram star for two, three, or four players.

Board Game Cafe Frenzy

Create a board game café on your table! More than just a trick-taking, it's a tactical card game with numerous elements and mechanics!

Reverse Racism

A short film that shows racism from a different point of view.

Johannes Voss - 2019 Magic: The Gathering Print Collection

An autographed collection of prints including both card illustrations and personal work from Magic: The Gathering artist Johannes Voss.

Nove - Modern Essentials for the Mother to be

Nove provides high quality Maternity Clothing, wearable also before and after pregnancy. Designed in Berlin and sustainably produced.

Creative Soul

Interactive Art Catalogue by Alisa LoveSky. Your Call to Create!

Scarlet Night

Welcome to Scarlet Night. Fully interactive horror boardgame with dedicated soundtrack and lighting.

SEWN Empires - Fantasy RPG

S.E.W.N Empires is a Fantasy RPG that happens during the Medieval Age.

MovieRooms - intimate screenings at home

MovieRooms is an evening in an intimate venue that brings film lovers and film makers together.

InSecret - Das neue Lifestyle Magazin

Wir von InSecret sprechen alle und jeden an, die mehr über den Lifestyle wissen möchten.

EXCALIBUR CITY - ein kurzer Kinofilm

EXCALIBUR CITY (Kurzspielfilm) ist ein vietnamesisch-deutsches Crystal-Meth Musical über 2 Schwestern und ihre Reise nach Deutschland.

Book “My carrot”

Dear, My name is Alexandra. I’m a designer and Artist. I’m writing and illustrating the book about humanity, personal identity.

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