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Waking Dreams Digital and Vinyl Release April 2020

About UsWaking Dreams came alive in the dark Berlin, Angela Chambers and Jason Letkiewicz came together in collaboration with Cameron Findlay on drums. Written and recorded in Berlin. Mixed in ...

The Micro: The First Truly Consumer 3D Printer

StoryThanks to all of our backers and everyone who covered our story as it developed, This has been an incredible campaign and things are just getting started.Keep in touch with ...


Classical Sundays NEEDS YOUR HELP vol. 2

Classical Sundays is a bi-weekly, pay-what-you-can concert series happening every summer at the Werkhalle Wiesenburg in Berlin, founded by me, Canadian violist Shasta Ellenbogen.We're engaging a whole new young audience ...

EverRachet pocket tool

StoryWhile we are extremely proud of the original EverRatchet, we know how important it is to our community to continuously innovate and improve. You asked. We Listened. Based on your ...


Classical music on functioning chocolate record

Dear music lovers & chocoholics, would you like to start the New Year 2020, the "Choco Twenties" with a WOW? With my music "New Silk Road" performed by wonderful Virtuosi?a ...

Premium lingerie brand

1.PresentationA new lingerie brand for women of premium segment and appealing, unique cultural DNA with sophisticated handcraft. We create a new approach to female empowerment.This brand is devoted to the ...

Next of Kin: a short film in support of Stonewall

I am a gay British/Irish director from London currently living in Berlin. In October 2018, I completed an MA in Film Directing at the Metfilm School Berlin. Previously, I worked ...

Help to clean the forest

Overview Our goal is the cleaning of metal residues in the forests and the creation of new objects by melting the metal.Not only do we contribute to the environment, we ...

Documentary about Chester Bennington

StoryMy name is Agatha Koroglu and I filmmaker from Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB). My first big film I want to dedicate to the life, work and death of ...

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