What is Crowdfunding Berlin?

Crowdfunding Berlin is online: What is it about and who produces Crowdfunding Berlin?

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Your have a project and want it to be crowdfunded? What is necessary to know? 

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Questions and Answers

What is Crowdfunding, What is Crowdinvesting, What should you know about them?

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Recent Crowdfunding Projects from Berlin

Berlin goes Schweiz

It is only 600 km to Switzerland. That's where our partner portal Wemakeit is located, an international reward-based crowdfunding platform for creative projects. Here you can find an overview of ...

What do you find on Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is an international platform for reward-based crowdfunding. The founders of Indiegogo started in 2008 and we offer you the Indiegogo-Berlin overview - with one click you can get to ...

All Berlin crowdfunding projects on Startnext

Here you can find an overview of Berlin's crowdfunding projects on Startnext: Be it sustainable product design, the next theatre performance or record productions from A to Z - everything ...

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