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Recent Crowdfunding Projects from Berlin


MOAN's debut album Battlecry

Moan's Battlecry "MOAN is raw, honest, fierce. Guitar or piano accompany an acrobatic voice growling, howling and squaking about life. You will be taken on a turbulent emotional trip and ...

The Aboves and the Belows short film

I am the 99%I am the writer and director of the short film "The Aboves and the Belows".I believe in the power of storytelling. A story well told can change ...


Paprcuts Sneakers - High-Tech meets Sustainability

Hi, I am Nils, the CEO of Paprcuts. When I was a kid and got my first pair of sneakers, I was so impressed by how light and at the ...

Pentagame: The Pentagram Shaped Board Game

A game with simple rules and NO DICE that is played on a pentagram star for two, three, or four players.

Reverse Racism

A short film that shows racism from a different point of view.


Playful is a daring English-speaking free magazine that is spreading light over diversity, personalities and the craziness in Berlin.

MovieRooms - intimate screenings at home

MovieRooms is an evening in an intimate venue that brings film lovers and film makers together.


Shirts for Change!

Ausbeutung, Umweltverschmutzung, Chemikalien: Unsere Klamotten werden unter katastrophalen Bedingungen geschnitten, genäht und gefärbt – von Menschen, die die Folgen davon ertragen müssen. Doch hier kannst du sie solidarisch unterstützen: Mach ...


Recent Crowdinvesting Projects from Berlin


Tschau, Demo Tape: gigmit ist die Matching-Plattform für Musiker und Veranstalter.


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Wann lohnt sich Crowdfunding für mein Projekt? Und worauf sollte ich bei der Planung einer Kampagne achten? Wir bieten dazu eine Crowdfunding-Erstberatung an, in der du genau diese Fragen klären ...

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