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What is Crowdfunding, What is Crowdinvesting, What should you know about them?

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Recent Crowdfunding Projects from Berlin


Eqtibasat - "91 Portraits" EP Album

Eqtibasat's EP album titled "91 Portraits". It includes 3 songs, and a booklet of 91 illustrations reflecting 91 emotions.

gerehsocks - It‘s all about the DETAILS

Gerehsocks is the first manufacturer of cotton socks, which inspired by old eastern patterns and motifs like Persian carpet, Iranian rugs, garden and architecture. Eastern architecture blueprint follow a symmetric ...


ZAFTIK's Fresh 'n Fluffy Debut Album!

Mixing and Mastering, Vinyl Pressing, and Music Video Creation for the unique, fresh 'n fluffy, sexy, juicy, debut album of ZAFTIK!

Boooster - fast paced mobile "sonic - like" game

Mobile game with sonic physics. It combines physics of "Sonic the hedgehog" with levels of "Pac-Man" and "Hill Climb Racing".


Make/100: Hand-drawn Berlin Postcards

I’m illustrating 100 unique black & white Berlin postcards


Recent Crowdinvesting Projects from Berlin


MOD Devices

Ein Gerät, hunderte von Funktionen: das Revolutionstool für Musiker weltweit.


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25/01/2018 15:00

Crowdfunding Office Hours

Wann lohnt sich Crowdfunding für mein Projekt? Und worauf sollte ich bei der Planung einer Kampagne achten? Wir bieten dazu eine Crowdfunding-Erstberatung an, in der du genau diese Fragen klären ...

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