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There are different types of crowdfunding (donation-, reward-, equity- or lending-based, subscription).

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Anja Thonig Photo: © Anja Thonig
Anja Thonig

is the Berlin contact person for the crowdfunding platform and crowdfunding campus. Anja says: Crowdfunding brings peoaple together, who ...

Anna Theil Photo: © Startnext
Anna Theil

is head of communication of Startnext. In addition, she is the curator of the co:funding conference, a conference that provides ...

Ansgar Warner Photo: © Ansgar Warner
Ansgar Warner

blogs about e-publishing on, a German language online magazine. He likes all new forms of book marketing, namely campaigns ...

Céline Fallet Photo: © Katharina Lütscher
Céline Fallet

is a Swiss crowdfunding pioneer and designer. After her graphic design education, she studied at the ZHdK in Switzerland in ...

David Rhotert Photo: © Companisto
David Rhotert

is a lawyer and co-managing director of Companisto, a company he co-founded in June 2012. Prior to that, he was ...

Denis Bartelt Photo: © Startnext
Denis Bartelt

is the founder and managing director of Startnext. In 2010, he co-launched, together with Tino Kreßner, Startnext, a crowdfunding-platform for ...

Ilil Becker Photo: © Ilil Becker
Ilil Becker

works for the European crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank. As a KissKissBankBanks project specialist in Berlin, she gives workshops, advises and supports ...

Ilona Orthwein Photo: © Uwe von Loh-Photography
Ilona Orthwein

is a businesswoman and Social scientist. She has been involved in corporate and project finance for 25 years, in recent ...

Ines Zimzinski Photo: © Ines Zimzinski
Ines Zimzinski

a skilled retailer, has worked as a trainer and coach in sales and in various marketing and distribution departments. Many ...

Karin Blenskens Photo: © Karin Blenskens
Karin Blenskens

is a crowdfunding expert who focuses on the music industry and works as a music promoter for several prominent national ...

Karsten Wenzlaff Photo: © Karsten Wenzlaff
Karsten Wenzlaff

is co-founder and managing director of ikosom and also a crowdfunding expert with a focus on crowdinvesting and journalism. He ...

Konrad Lauten Photo: © Konrad Lauten
Konrad Lauten

After completing his studies in Social Sciences with a focus on Urban Sociology, Konrad became a designer and user of ...

Michel Harms Photo: © Crowd Dialog
Michel Harms

is the editor of He founded his approach to crowdfunding already in 2005 at the interface of economics and ...

Monika Wallhäuser Photo: © Monika Wallhäuser
Monika Wallhäuser

studied Agricultural sciences at the universities in Gießen and Halle/Saale. In her Master's thesis, which she completed in cooperation with ...

Patrick Mijnals Photo: Patrick Mijnals
Patrick Mijnals

is founder and managing director of bettervest. During his work as a trend and futurologist at the Zukunftsinstitut in 2006, ...

Paul Rieth Photo: © Paul Rieth
Paul Rieth

works as a freelance Crowdfunding & Marketing consultant and filmmaker based in Berlin, Germany. He consults and supervises crowdfunding campaigns ...

Shai Hoffmann Photo: © Peter van Heesen
Shai Hoffmann

studied Business Administration in Berlin and New York City. Since 2009, his agency offers crowdfunding/-investing consultancy and strategic marketing services ...

Steffen Doberstein Photo: © Steffen Doberstein
Steffen Doberstein

is a freelance management consultant. As a business graduate and banker, he has specialised in advising founders on business plans ...

Stephan Popp Photo: © Stephan Popp
Stephan Popp

"I love developing and implementing new ideas" says Stephan Popp. And he's been doing this at for the past ...

Tamo Zwinge (LL.M) Photo: © Tamo Zwinge
Tamo Zwinge (LL.M)

is a lawyer and co-managing director of Companisto, a crowdinvesting platform he co-founded in 2012. Prior to that, he worked ...

Wolfgang Barnick Photo: © Wolfgang Barnick
Wolfgang Barnick

has worked at the "Pfefferberg," a popular Berlin social/cultural complex, since the end of the 1990s. In that time, he ...

Wolfgang Gumpelmaier (Mag.) Photo: © Alexander Kühn
Wolfgang Gumpelmaier (Mag.)

is an independent digital media consultant (, blogger, author and speaker who focuses on themes such as social film marketing, ...

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