Crowd Experts

Ines Zimzinski

a skilled retailer, has worked as a trainer and coach in sales and in various marketing and distribution departments. Many years ago she opened the agencies “diehoeragenten für Hörbücher” and “Hörspiele” and through these endeavors discovered Crowdfunding. She quickly realized the potential of this, at that time, new way to finance projects and was responsible for many projects that were successfully crowdfunded. Additionally, she counsels those interested in launching a Crowdfunding project, specifically with the preparation, market analysis, and right up to the successful Funding. Since then she has been advising on crowdfunding, organising the Crowd Experts network and organising the Crowd Company Day.

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Type: Coach, Consultant, Network representative, Campaign adviser
Location: Berlin
Offer: Campaign supervision, Campaign preparation, Other consultation, Workshops
Cost: with costs
Funding: Reward-based (Crowdfunding)
Focus: Literature & Publishing, Theatre & Dance, Music, Cultural Education

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