Ansgar Warner

blogs about e-publishing on E-Book-News.de, a German language online magazine. He likes all new forms of book marketing, namely campaigns using crowdfunding, pre-order or pay-what-you-want. Being a web journalist and literary critic Ansgar has always lived on the brink between old and new media. In 2006 he finished his thesis on German radio essay and radio feature in the 1950ies, followed by free lance work for newspapers and radio stations. You’ll meet him in his office at Medienbüro Mitte, smack in the middle of Berlin. In 2013 he published “Krautfunding”, an ebook on crowdfunding made in Germany.

Web: www.e-book-news.de/willkommen

Type: Info portal
Location: Berlin
Funding: Equity-based (Crowdinvesting), Reward-based (Crowdfunding)
Focus: Literature & Publishing

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