Denis Bartelt

is the founder and managing director of Startnext. In 2010, he co-launched, together with Tino Kreßner, Startnext, a crowdfunding-platform for artists, creative people and innovators. He initiated the co:funding conference, a conference that provides the opportunity to discuss new financing models including crowdfunding, crowdinvesting, and co-financing models. Bartelt gives workshops and holds regular lectures pertaining to crowdfunding in the creative industries as well as lectures pertaining to crowdinvesting for social enterprises and cooperatives. In 2003, he founded the software agency in Dresden. implements internet portals and mobile applications. He is also a trained commercial photographer.


Type: Platform representative
Location: Berlin
Funding: Reward-based (Crowdfunding)
Focus: Design, Events, Film & Video, Photography, Games & Interactive, Information & Communication Technology, Literature & Publishing, Fashion & Textile, Theatre & Dance, Advertising & PR, Music, Cultural Education, Architecture, Fine Art, Other

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