Michel Harms

is the editor of He founded his approach to crowdfunding already in 2005 at the interface of economics and marketing. 2007 he wrote his master thesis to the topic motivation with the Crowdfunding one of the world-wide first Crowdfunding is an independent platform, which informs comprehensively to the topics of Crowdfunding. Michel Harms workin on the potential-developing effect of Crowdfunding and the positive influence on society and economics. 

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Type: Platform representative, Info portal
Location: Berlin
Cost: with costs
Funding: Equity-based (Crowdinvesting), Reward-based (Crowdfunding)
Focus: Design, Events, Film & Video, Photography, Games & Interactive, Information & Communication Technology, Literature & Publishing, Fashion & Textile, Theatre & Dance, Advertising & PR, Music, Cultural Education, Architecture, Fine Art, Other

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