What is Crowdfunding Berlin?

Crowdfunding Berlin is the information portal for crowdfunding in Berlin. We give you an overview of platforms, experts and interesting projects you should know about. In our magazine section, projects and players have their say, and current issues concerning crowdfunding are discussed controversially. We also offer a crowdfunding group consultation. They aim at giving an overview of the opportunities that crowd financing affords. For appointments contact our team at crowdfunding@kulturprojekte-berlin.de. Please note: The crowdfunding group consultation is not a campaign consultation.

Who exactly is involved in creating and managing the Crowdfunding Berlin website?

Crowdfunding Berlin is a project by Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH and part of Kreativ Kultur Berlin, Berlin’s Beratungszentrum für Kulturförderung und Kreativwirtschaft. Kreativ Kultur Berlin is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) for a period of seven years (2016–2022). Crowdfunding Berlin is a joint project organised by the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research (Projekt Zukunft) in cooperation with Creative City Berlin and Kubinaut – Navigation Kulturelle Bildung. It involves funding platforms, on which projects from Berlin run their campaings as well as crowdfunding institutions and networks active in Berlin and beyond. Click here for a current overview.

We're always looking for new partners interested in taking advantage of our services. Click here to contact us.

How does the new Crowdfunding Berlin website benefit project creators, project supporters and the general public?

Crowdfunding Berlin is designed for project creators, supporters and the general public as well as for all existing crowdfunding platforms and networks. Project initiators interested in starting a crowdfunding campaign can visit our site for a quick overview of existing projects, crowdfunding portals, networks and contact partners. We also give project supporters and other interested parties an overview of Berlin-based crowdfunding projects and portals.  

How can I use Crowdfunding Berlin?

Click here to send any questions you might have about crowdfunding directly to our editors.

Why was this website covering Berlin-based projects created in the first place?

Crowdfunding Berlin is eager to provide an overview of Berlin-based crowdfunding and crowdinvesting projects and to generate more attention for Berlin-based projects so that we can help everybody involved achieve their targeted financial goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

Crowdfunding Berlin is a state-funded initiative that is in no way in competition with existing private crowdfunding or crowdinvesting platforms. Our goal is to provide additional benefits for all involved.

Crowdfunding Berlin is a pilot project of the State of Berlin. The website gives the state an opportunity to get an overview of Berlin-based projects on crowdfunding and crowdinvesting platforms, but also to set up theme-related competitions and support good projects beyond financing from the crowd. 

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