Crowdfunding for Supporter

In general, there are two ways to support a campaign:

  1. By providing a sum of money without receiving any return service. To do this, you simply register on a site and then enter the amount you would like to contribute.
  2. By providing a sum of money for which you receive a return service. For example, you could select one or several of the "thank you" options on a project's crowdfunding site and perhaps get your name mentioned in the final product.

Click here to find out about the different forms of crowdfunding financing and the difference between crowdfunding and crowdinvesting.

It's different from platform to platform. Look here for more details. 

On the vast majority of platforms, if the project you supported doesn't reach its funding goal, the money is simply transferred back to you. Please contact the individual site to find out more about the exact process and the different forms of payment reversal. Sometimes there are certain deadlines in which a payment reversal is no problem, so it's good to know if and when these deadlines run out.

Nope. Still, you should always check with the individual platform. Ikosom has created an overview of fees on different crowdfunding platforms in their "Crowdfunding Handbook".

There is a minimum amount. Look here for more details. 

Nope, you can support a project from outside Germany as well.

On most platforms, yes: on PledgeMusic, no. Please visit the individual websites to find out exactly what kind of information a project receives about supporters and how supporters can control their data.

Yes, there is a statutory withdrawal period of 14 days on all platforms. Of course, always be sure to check the individual crowdfunding sites to find out more about each particular procedure.

Payment methods vary from platform to platform. At the moment, many platforms use PayPal, even though four payment methods are usually possible:

  • PayPal: users can use PayPal to pay, even without registering, via direct debit ("per Lastschrift") or credit card 
  • FidorPay
  • Direct transfer ("Direktüberweisung")
  • Cash on delivery ("Vorkasse") traditional bank transfer

Each individual platform is responsible for making sure the project is implemented. However, the platform often hands over responsibility to the project itself. Please visit the platforms to find out more. And don't be afraid to ask questions or express uncertainty in direct contact with the platform operators.

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