Legal Guidelines & Data Protection

You have to be at least 18 years of age and legally competent ("geschäftsfähig"). Young individuals under the age of 18 can only start a project with the help of their parents or supervisor, and these guardians must agree to take on full responsibility for all duties and responsibilities associated with the start of the project.

Yes, contracts arise in all forms of crowdfunding, even in donation-based and lending-based crowdfunding, i.e. they create a legally binding contractual relationship between the individual responsible for the project and the supporter and/or investor.

Yes, supporters have a right to withdraw ("Widerrufsfrist") within 14 days after the completion of a successful financing phase.

Generally, no, but please consult the precise Terms & Conditions (AGBs) on each respective platform.

First of all, an idea has no "threshold of originality" ("Schöpfungshöhe"), whereas an elaborate screenplay or a finished logo does. Also, no one is safe from copyright infringements or from having their ideas stolen. Some authors, investors and developers apply for a patent on their product in advance of their campaign. Basically, each individual has to decide for themselves whether and when they should opt to do that.

A project site is a public entity and thus subject to the basic principles of German law with regard to online offerings and the protection of minors. Please consult the respective platforms for more detailed information on the various provisions and principles.

Each respective platform is always responsible for the protection of personal data and personal rights. Each platform is also responsible for adopting regulations and publishing them in their data protection guidelines.

A bankruptcy usually has no affect on completed funding. Always consult the respective platforms and, if necessary, also get legal advice in advance.

Even if a crowdinvesting portal goes broke, a bankruptcy usually has no influence on completed funding rounds. Always consult the respective platforms and, if necessary, also get legal advice in advance.

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