Crowdinvesting for Projects

The first thing you should do is figure out if crowdinvesting is the right form of financing for you. The next step would be to choose the most appropriate platform for your needs. If necessary, you should consult directly with the platform operators. Once you've found the best platform for your project, and as soon as the platform approves your project parameters, you can start right away.

Yes, you can start a campaign alone or with several other people. However, there always has to be one individual responsible for the entire project.

When crowdinvesting platforms get involved in your project, they become participants in the successful crowd-financing of your startup or company. The amount of the fee they charge depends on the platform, but it's usually between five and 10 percent of the successful financing sum. There are also some potential additional costs, such as payment transaction fees. Please consult each individual platform for more information.

As a general rule, you can only start a crowdinvesting campaign in Germany if yours is a German company that comes in the legal form of a "GmbH" (limited liability company) or an "Unternehmergesellschaft" (entrepreneurial company or UG).

Yes, but this amount is always determined by the respective platform. 

There is no real maximum amount, but you should note the following: There is a so-called "prospectus requirement" ("Prospektpflicht") that kicks in starting at an amount of €2,5 millions. In any case, each company should carefully consider how much capital is truly needed. Sometimes, even €10,000 to €25,000 is enough to create a first prototype or to demonstrate that the concept works.

Most platforms charge a commission fee in the case of a successful financing round – usually between five and 10 percent. Please note, however, that you will need to create a professional presentation before any financing project can be successful. For example, just creating of a video or professional photos can cost anywhere from €2,000 to €5,000. It might also make sense to have a lawyer look over the contracts. In other words, you should have some capital available in advance.

Usually nothing happens, because the funding and thus also the investments simply don't come to pass in this case (for more, see question above).

The answer to that question varies from platform to platform. It's not possible on Companisto, seedmatch, Innovestment and Bergfürst. At Welcome Investment, on the other hand, the financing phase can be cancelled at any time (however, the costs accrued until then will have to be paid, e.g. back-transfer fees, etc).

Under certain circumstances, you can. But, of course, you will have to discuss this directly with the crowdinvesting platform you're working with. 

There is no limit up or down in terms of the number of micro investors. However, a so-called "funding goal" is always set together with the respective platform. A number of steps are carried out prior to launch in order to determine this goal: first, an evaluation of the company is conducted in consultation with the respective platform; then, a desired target amount set as the goal of the crowdinvesting campaign; in the next step, an agreement is made with regard to what percentage investors will be involved; and, finally, that percentage determines the percentage share of company profits that will be sold to micro investors.

On most platforms, it's not possible to exclude certain investors. All legally competent individuals ("geschäftsfähige Personen") can thus become investors. On the other hand, Innovestment has a so-called "activation process" ("Freischaltungs-Prozess"): as part of this procedure in which investors are obliged to request access to the detailed documents, and without this "activation," they cannot submit an offer. This process gives the company the freedom to reject investors if they so desire.

That is handled differently in different cases. Contact the respective platforms to get more information on their policies. In general, you should always pay special attention to whether or not a crowdinvesting platform offers a system that enables the raising of capital after the crowdinvesting round on their site.

The marketing effect of a crowdinvesting campaign is often just as exciting and rewarding as the raising of capital itself. Each and every startup is encouraged to present its profile to a wide audience during the campaign and then to use that attention to its own benefit. For many companies, crowdinvesting is the first test on the open market. In this key phase, crowdinvesting platforms play an important role in presenting the startups to the general public.

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