Indiegogo is an international platform offering classic reward-based crowdfunding. The founders of Indiegogo launched the platform in 2008 to democratize the way people fund what matters to them worldwide and today, campaigns have been launched from nearly 190 countries, the platform is available in five currencies and offers four languages. In contrast to other platforms, Indiegogo makes it possible to choose a "flexible" target amount for your campaign. In other words, Campaign owners can choose to keep the funds that they raise, regardless of whether they hit their funding target or not. 


Hard Facts: 

Place of Business: San Francisco, USA
Focus: Technology/Innovation (Audio, Food, Transportation, Fashion, Energy etc.), Creativity (Art, Music, Literature etc.), Community (Animal Rights, Education, Wellness etc.)
Crowdfunding Model: reward-based
Funding-Minimum for Projects: 
Commission: 5 Percent
Funding starts by:  
Payment Method: Bank Transfer, Stripe Payout
Support: Online Support
Languages: German, English, French, Spanish
All-or-None-Principal: no

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