Inkubato is a crowdfunding platform founded in Berlin for Berlin in 2010. Inkubato is taking a break from operations at the moment and preparing to re-launch with a new concept as soon as possible. Please visit the platform for more details on how they're progressing. Inkubato focuses on artistic-creative and social-political projects. The platform became well-known primarily as a result of a successfully financed film about Bar25, which had a financing volume of roughly €27,000. Inkubato offers classic reward-based crowdfunding, i.e. a project receives funding or material resources with or without a return compensation (e.g. a supporter might be given a small acting role in a film project and/or might get their name included in the credits at the end of the film).

There is no minimum funding amount for a project on Inkubato. Supporters can support a project with as little as €5. The commission fee is 10 percent of the target sum including VAT and transaction fees.

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