With offices in London, New York, LA, Stockholm, and Berlin, among others, PledgeMusic is an international, music-focused, direct-to-fan communication platform for the financing of albums, live DVDs, music videos, and tours. PledgeMusic offers reward-based crowdfunding. The smallest package that can be acquired in each PledgeMusic campaign is the so-called "Basis Pledge." This typically costs between €5 and €10 and usually consists of a digital download as well as access to the exclusive update area of the artist. The artists themselves determine the amount of the Basis Pledge, i.e. of the smallest package fans can buy. In contrast to many other crowdfunding platforms, a campaign on PledgeMusic doesn't end when the artists reache their target sum: it ends with a deadline agreed upon in advance by PledgeMusic and the artist. PledgeMusic charges a flat 15 % fee on the successfully generated sum, including Paypal and credit card fees. Roughly 86 percent of the campaigns on PledgeMusic are successful.


Hard Facts: 

Place of Business: London
Focus: Music
Crowdfunding Model: reward-based
Funding-Minimum for Projects: no
Commission: 15 Percent
Funding starts by: 5 Euro
Payment Method: BlueSnap, credit card payment
Support: Online Support Team
Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese
All-or-None-Principal: depending on Campaign

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