SellaBand was launched in August 2006 and has offices in Munich and Berlin. The platform focuses on musicians and currently offers two models: the first model involves reward-based crowdfunding with which each artist can set up their project independently starting at €3,000 with a maximum running time of one year. The second model involves support and deposits with return services (reward-based) and also donations without any return services (donation-based) via sub-domains of the SellaBand page (e.g. single donations via or donations embedded in an artist's website, for example In the second model, funding is possible starting at a minimum of €1,000: however, SellaBand itself is responsible for selecting the bands at this point. In this case, the duration of the funding process is a maximum of 4 months.

Supporters can support musicians on Sellaband starting at a minimum of €10. The processing fee in the first model is 15% in the case of a successful funding round, but there are no PayPal fees or other transaction costs. In the second model, the processing fee is flexible and depends on the technological complexity of the project as well as on the funding target. In addition, PayPal fees of 1.9 % plus a €0.35 (35 euro cents) transaction are incurred. At the moment, SellaBand is the only German crowdfunding platform with a maximum funding amount of €250,000. So far, over 100 artists were able to successfully finance their projects on SellaBand.

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