Startnext was launched in 2010 and is currently the leading crowdfunding platform in Germany with a market share of 90 percent of capital collected as part of successfully financed projects. Startnext offers classic crowdfunding (for all projects) as well as donation-based funding for non-profit organizations. The minimal funding amount for a project is set at €100, and supporters can start supporting projects with as little as €5. Startnext has a transaction fee about 4 percent. Supporters can pay via direct debit, prepayment, immediate transfer and payment by credit card. 


Hard Facts: 

Place of Business: Berlin
Focus:  Education, Comics, Community, Design, Invention, Event, Film/Video, Food, Photography, Agriculture, Radio, Journalism, Literature, Art, Fashion, Music, Social Business, Games, Sports, Technology, Theatre, Environment, Science
Crowdfunding Model: reward-based und donation-based
Funding-Minimum for Projects: 100 Euro
Commission: volontarily
Funding starts by: 5 Euro
Payment Method: Debit, Credit, Direct Payment, Prepayment
Support: Online-Handbook, Crowdfunding 1*1 Handbook, Consultatuion Hours, Online Seminars and Events, Startnext Professionals
Languages: German, English
All-or-None-Principal: yes

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