wemakeit is an based in Switzerland international reward-based crowdfunding platform for creative projects. The wemakeit team started in spring 2012 with the support of renowned foundations and quickly developed into the largest and most successful crowdfunding platform in Switzerland. In addition to offices in Zurich and Lausanne, wemakeit is present in Vienna and Bellinzona and reaches an international community with its quadrilingual platform (de/en/fr/it). In addition to continuous project growth and the expansion of partnerships and consulting services, wemakeit introduced Bitcoin as a means of payment in 2017. According to the platform, the management's decision to remain an independent, owner-managed company has so far proved successful. 


Hard Facts: 

Place of Business: Zurich
Focus: Architecture, Expositions, Events, Comics, Design, Fair Trade, Festivals, Film, Photography, Games, Community, Journalism, Children/Youth, Household, Art, Environment, Literature, Fashion, Music, Politics, Publishing, Sports, Startup, Dance, Technology, Tourism, Science
Crowdfunding Model: reward-based
Funding-Minimum for Projects: no
Commission: 6 Percent
Funding starts by: 1 Euro
Payment Method: Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Prepayment, Visa, Mastercard, Credit Balance
Support: 24h-Online-Service
Languages: German, English, French, Italian
All-or-None-Principal: yes


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