bettervest is a crowdinvesting platform that enables citizens to jointly finance sustainable energy projects in Germany as well as invest in developing countries across the globe. In return, they benefit financially from the reduced costs and energy savings. To this end, bettervest only finances projects that are ecologically sound and achieve high savings in both costs and energy. Each individual project is verified by certified energy consultants who calculate and forecast the savings. With the help of private investors, i.e. the crowd, project owners receive the capital they need to immediately start reducing their energy consumption, carbon emissions and costs. Every year, investors receive a part of their investment plus a fixed interest rate for the duration of the contract period. In this way, we all benefit from reduced carbon emissions, less energy usage and an accelerated energy transition.


Hard Facts: 

Place of Business: Frankfurt
Focus: Energy Projects, Climate Protection, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficency
Crowdfunding Model: lending-based (Nachrangdarlehen)
Funding-Minimum for Projects: Private Investors 50 Euro, Companies from 50.000 Euro
Commission: up to 10 Percent
Funding starts by: 
Payment Method: Bank Transfer
Support: Personal Assistance and Support per E-Mail (within 48 Hours), Telephone (Mo-Fri 10-18) and Facebook (within 1-2 Hours)
Languages: German, English
All-or-None-Principal: depending on Treshhold of Project

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