The crowdinvesting platform FUNDSTERS was launched in 2012 and deals with the form of investment known as silent participation. Their first breakthrough happened in August of 2013 with the financing of Küchen FAB GmbH, the first campaign to reach the 100,000€ mark. What is special about FUNDSTERS, is that even though 100,000 euros were earned – normally by law “silent participation” with more than 20 investors requires a securities prospectus requirement of the investment – startups and businesses on FUNDSTERS require no separate securities prospectus. This is not required, because with FUNDSTERS investment model, the investment is made through an intermediate company – the FUNDSTERS Venture Capital (FUNDSTERS VC). The FUNDSTERS VC is approved from the “BaFin” and assesses the cost of the securities prospectus. In addition, there is no maximum limit for funding. The risk of the investor is limited by the capital invested and FUNDSTERS is always available to contact during the complete duration of the investment.


Hard Facts: 

Place of Business: Meerbusch
Focus: Startups
Crowdfunding Model: equity-based
Funding-Minimum for Projects: no
Commission: 9 Percent
Funding starts by: 1 Euro
Payment Method:
Support: Telephone Counseling, Professionel Couching
Languages: German
All-or-None-Principal: yes

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