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Major Upgrade for Subused Original

Almost 2 years ago, Subused Original got started through Kickstarter... For this big Upgrade I’m asking for Your Help a second time..

Pulse Jacket and Joggers: heated Gore-Tex® Pulse Wear

Hybrid jacket and joggers: parka, jacket, hoodie, windstopper, softshell, Gore-Tex® and nano carbon fiber electric heating

Das Buch: Zwischen Schein und Sein. Modegrafik in der DDR 1960-1990

Dreißig Jahre nach dem Mauerfall ist es an der Zeit, ein fast vergessenes Kapitel DDR-Design in unser kulturelles Gedächtnis zu holen: die Modegrafik. Noch immer existiert kein reales Bild vom ...

ASK multifunction bag | FAULHABER PRODUCTS

Echtleder-Accessoires mit klarem, funktionalem Design. Verantwortungsbewusst, ressourcenschonend und transparent. Handgefertigt in Europa.

Nove - Modern Essentials for the Mother to be

Nove provides high quality Maternity Clothing, wearable also before and after pregnancy. Designed in Berlin and sustainably produced.

Meera - Art on Ethical Clothing

We print artworks on T-shirts, while directly supporting the artists involved. We are ethical & sustainable.

Sustainable fashion made easy - The Soft Workwear Uniform

Finding affordable, sustainable fashion can be confusing and difficult. That’s why Silfir designed a new garment that’s simple, chic and sustainable: the Soft Workwear Uniform. It’s the statement outfit for ...

Hang&Roll 2.0: The most practical travel organizer

SAY GOODBYE TO MESSY CLOTHES while backpacking, camping, traveling in style and riding your bike or motorcycle.Packing - it's probably one of the things we travelers do not want to ...

Heinrich Dinkelacker 140th Limited Anniversary Edition

In celebration of our anniversary secure yourself a handcrafted, "Made in Europe" luxury shoe at a unique Kickstarter special price.

GEWERKSCHAFT - Hats & Caps made from workwear

Nicht einfach nur stylische Caps sondern die wohl nachhaltigste Headwear der Welt.

The most sustainable and comfortable way to menstruate!

Menstruation 3.0: comfy, sustainable, ethical Menstruation Panties produced in Europe! by kora mikino sustainable femcare

Enamel Pins: A Space-y Unicorn-y Collection

A collection of 3 enamel pins featuring space, unicorn and pegasus :3

Mein Brustkrebs-TShirt

"Mit rund 69.000 Neuerkrankungen jährlich ist Brustkrebs die mit Abstand häufigste Krebserkrankung bei Frauen in Deutschland." (Zitat: Robert Koch-Institut, Eine Therapieform ist die Bestrahlung. Die täglichen Bestrahlungssitzungen, die über ...

NEBULITE Collection - Next Generation Festival Gear

The future is illuminated & smart -- Revolutionary drawstring bag and fanny pack. Companions for parties, festivals, and safer cycling.

Indian Mythology Shield Enamel Pins / Make 100

Limited Edition 100 Hanuman & Garuda Shield Enamel Pins based on their stories from Indian Mythology.

First Real Ultra-light Marble Sunglasses Handmade In Germany

The first Roxxlyn Eyewear collection features modern silhouettes and fine real ultra-thin marble constructions. Hand-made in Germany

Indian Mythology Enamel Pins

Karthik is creating Hard Enamel Pins based on characters from Indian Mythology!

The Blue Sweater | Made of 100% Wood. To Save & Give Water.

Introducing the world's first premium sweater made of 100% beech wood fiber for the sole purpose of saving & giving water. #choosewater

The WAYKS ONE: A sustainable & transformable Travel Backpack

A sustainably made, modular backpack, that converts from a carry-on Travel Backpack into a smaller Day Pack + Camera / Cooler Bag

Dzaino - Upcycling Design

Mit dieser Kampagne möchten wir die erste große Produktion von Taschen aus gebrauchten Textilien in Berlin realisieren. Die letzten Monate haben wir in die Neu- & Weiterentwicklung von Produkten gesteckt ...

AEHRENKRANZ Minimalschuhe: öko, fair, europäisch

Mit freien Füßen die Erde küssen – in unseren Minimalschuhen, die dir den Ballengang ermöglichen und dich den Boden spüren lassen: mit dünnen biegsamen Sohlen ohne Absatz oder Fußbett, mit ...

Hair Affairs – A Tool for Whimsical Minds

As you can probably tell from the pictures already: this is for quizzical minds with a mischievous sense of humour, charm, whimsy and wit, for the happily obsessed and the ...

Joy-Clothes! all Genders, Ages, Skin Colours, ...

1.WELCOME! It's great to meet you! Thank you for coming by! I am Nicola Metzger, the Founder & Designer of Nicola Metzger.  For really long, i wanted to start this label... ...

Punpun Beanies, Patches and Stickers

Apparel, patches and stickers related to one of our favourite mangas, Goodnight Punpun.

High Quality leather Collar Project

Hey people! So I’ve been designing my Collars for years now and since my go to shop closed, I thought about stepping up and putting my own hands to work ...

Papas Shorts - Kurze Hosen für den Sommer.

Mit Papas Shorts läuten wir den Sommer ein. Wir sagen "Ja" zu kurzen Hosen und sagen "Nein" zum tristen Alltag. Bestellt euch jetzt euer eigenes paar Papas Shorts zum Vorzugspreis! ...


Mit unserem Label Aïn möchten wir der Modewelt ein Stück von dem zurückgeben, was sie ursprünglich ausgemacht hat: Kreativität, Individualität - und Qualität! Dabei konzentrieren wir uns auf ein Kleidungsstück, ...

Loulou des Indes: Kidswear that supports weaving communities

Loulou des Indes: Fabulous kidswear that supports weaving communities in India Project Background Handmade textiles are fascinating. They move and drape with peculiar grace and their colours have a unique ...

Orbasics - Organic kids basics. Best quality & fair price.

At Orbasics, our mission is to create the most beautiful and soft clothes for your children, in timeless designs, that not only look and feel good but do good by ...

Zue Anna - First animal friendly merinowool pullover

Our mission at Zue Anna is to set a slower pace in the age of fast fashion - crafting high quality pieces in a sustainable and a whole new standard ...

Pique Lingerie:

Developed for the fuller bust, our designs caress your cleavage, pique and entice, setting the stage for whatever you

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