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nose pod

Intro: The right to breathe free.nose pod is a sustainable, discreet alternative to excess anti-allergy drugs and itchy face masks for better lung health and a greener planet.Read time: 5 ...


Rap müzik yapmam için destek

I need your help to realize my dream rap music. $ 5,000 for my clip shooting and recording.



Hello to my Graphic Novel Project... I'm a semi-professional artist in his late 20s from Germany. This is my first graphic novel project and I'm looking for some support, but ...


The Fire In The Forest

The Fire in the Forest Music by Rossano Snel, Maria Laskowska, Ilja Coric and Jan WeigelOctober 29th, 2019 - doors open at 19:00Ölberg Kirche - Paul-Lincke-Ufer 29, Berlin After playing ...



SummaryWe are a team of artists representing different art forms such as dance, music, photography, and digital design. We come from different places (Argentina, Ukraine, Spain, Malta, Mexico, USA) but ...


For Us Lonely Souls

My name is Gus Ring, and for me music is the air I breathe.My new album ”For Us Lonely Souls” is a dedication to the lost, the loners, the ones ...

Stolen camera fund!

My camera was recently stolen...Two weeks ago, I left my suitcase standing outside my apartment in Berlin while I went to let my puppies go to pee. When I returned ...


The next album by THE SOMNAMBULIST: crowdfunding

“Berlin is a city condemned forever to becoming and never being” Karl Scheffler (1869-1951)There’s probably no better description of the spirit of Berlin, its history and culture past and present. ...


The Universe Spheres and the Startetz Card Game

Who, When and Why? Here's a Short Description of What's in Our Spheres and What the Card Game Is All About.All our 3D-lasered products are made of solid glass. The ...

OneChange - the app for cash free change deals.

About OneChangeOur app works as easy as it sounds. Do you have many things you want to get rid of? Instead of throwing them away you can change them for ...

16 Days in Berlin: The Final Battle of WW2

***Every single one of our rewards includes digital access to the documentary**The Ultimate Documentary on The Battle of Berlin16 Days in Berlin tells the story of the ultimate World War ...

IF I WAS YOUNG... the short movie

hi, mein Name ist Claudia Kutscha, und ich mache Kurzfilme. Im Jahr 2017 belegte ich den 4.Platz im South Asia Short Film Compition. In 2018 habe ich Reportagen über den ...


Eco-Jewelry for Everyone: Open Workshop Berlin

We're a team of designers that work on a social project in Berlin: O&1 ProjectFrom the beginning, we have looked for a way to create jewelry with a creative design ...

The Aboves and the Belows short film

I am the 99%I am the writer and director of the short film "The Aboves and the Belows".I believe in the power of storytelling. A story well told can change ...


Paprcuts Sneakers - High-Tech meets Sustainability

Hi, I am Nils, the CEO of Paprcuts. When I was a kid and got my first pair of sneakers, I was so impressed by how light and at the ...

Neuronto - DeepL WordPress & WooCommerce Plugin

With just one click you can automatically create new multilingual, SEO-optimized Posts and Pages. You can control translation via post category and tags, plus you can choose to either overwrite ...

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