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The Silent Angel - A True Story

Dobre Dobrev, better known as Grandfather Dobre, was born on 20th of July 1914 in the village of Baylovo in Bulgaria. He lost his father in the First World War. ...


Leelo's debut album on vinyl

Short SummaryMy name is Leelo and I come from Estonia. Music has been part of my life since I was a kid and during most of the journey down the ...


Jamila & The Other Heroes' Debut Album

Our Values & VisionWe are a wild band from manywhere. Being based in Berlin we create psychedelic sounds to make you fly! While racist speech is becoming more accepted in ...


THE FILMA full-length fiction film by independent filmmaker Betty Lerche. Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Queer, CrazyStraight and other birds of paradise in a film full of wit and enigma: WHEN ICE ...


A lost album by The National Geographix, 1988

The storyIn 1988, the Italian artist Al Aprile and his band, The National Geographix, recorded their first and last album. Al lived in Milan, he was a well known musician, ...

LENSTA GRIP - Turn Your Phone Into A Real Camera

Lensta Grip is all you need to become a professional phone photographer and take photos and videos on the go wherever you are, without having to carry your bulky DSLR ...


Medicine Boy - Album Number #3

A bit more about us.We, Lucy and André, have been making music together for about six years. We started Medicine Boy in 2014 with the intention of giving all we ...


Feline & Strange: TRIGGER WARNING

Who we areIn the course of the past ten years, Feline & Strange have transformed from a nu-swing 5-piece group into a duo and finally into the Dark Wave Cabaret ...

In the Fire of Dancing Stillness - Essay Film

--------------------------------------------------------------------Dieser Film ist eine Ode an die Kraft der Stille,ein Andachtslied an das Leben,ein Tanz mit der Würde.Eine feurige Besinnung auf unsere Verantwortungskraft.Es ist ein Liebesgedicht, angeregt durch das rebellische ...

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