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10days ReRun: Post-Apocalyptic 3d printable terrain playsets

Build To Survive - a unique collection of 3d printable models for your wargaming tables by LOOTgames.

All Clowns Are Bastards

Ein Spielfilm über einen Killerclown, der vegan wird.


FARAFI Official Album Campaign

- + - ​- + - WHO IS FARAFI - + - ​ - + - ​ Farafi was born from a spirited meeting between Joy and Darlini and their ...



A Unique ChanceWe have built the best DJ live streaming tool in the world and are now giving livetime accounts to the first users. The Spreadcaster is the best way ...

Scarlet Night

Welcome to Scarlet Night. Fully interactive horror boardgame with dedicated soundtrack and lighting.


Playful is a daring English-speaking free magazine that is spreading light over diversity, personalities and the craziness in Berlin.

SEWN Empires - Fantasy RPG

S.E.W.N Empires is a Fantasy RPG that happens during the Medieval Age.

MovieRooms - intimate screenings at home

MovieRooms is an evening in an intimate venue that brings film lovers and film makers together.

The Silent Angel - A True Story

Dobre Dobrev, better known as Grandfather Dobre, was born on 20th of July 1914 in the village of Baylovo in Bulgaria. He lost his father in the First World War. ...


Leelo's debut album on vinyl

Short SummaryMy name is Leelo and I come from Estonia. Music has been part of my life since I was a kid and during most of the journey down the ...


Jamila & The Other Heroes' Debut Album

Our Values & VisionWe are a wild band from manywhere. Being based in Berlin we create psychedelic sounds to make you fly! While racist speech is becoming more accepted in ...


THE FILMA full-length fiction film by independent filmmaker Betty Lerche. Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Queer, CrazyStraight and other birds of paradise in a film full of wit and enigma: WHEN ICE ...

InSecret - Das neue Lifestyle Magazin

Wir von InSecret sprechen alle und jeden an, die mehr über den Lifestyle wissen möchten.


Dangerous Drums für die AWO auf die Straße

Wir sagen NEIN zur systematischen Entrechtung von Geflüchteten und setzen uns mit der AWO auf dem Zug der Liebe für die Rechte von Geflüchteten ein. Gemeinsam mit dir gehen wir ...


Circus-Projektwoche für eine Grundschulklasse

1 Woche Schule im Circuszelt auf dem Gelände des Circus Schatzinsel für eine Grundschulklasse der Carl-v.-Ossietzky-Gemeinschaftsschule in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Die Kinder trainieren mit Circuspädagogen/innen und erarbeiten ihre eigene Vorstellung, die sie ...

Kuniri - Zukunft schenken mit nachhaltiger Mode

Kuniri heißt gemeinsam gehen, und gemeinsam schaffen wir Einzigartiges! Professionelle Designern aus aller Welt, die aus ihrer Heimat fliehen mussten, machen gemeinsam Mode. Aus nachhaltigen Materialien und verschiedenen kulturellen Einflüssen ...


1st Record Release

Ich habe in den letzten Jahren viele Lieder geschrieben, die ich jetzt gerne, mit eurer Unterstützung, als Album aufnehmen möchte.


A lost album by The National Geographix, 1988

The storyIn 1988, the Italian artist Al Aprile and his band, The National Geographix, recorded their first and last album. Al lived in Milan, he was a well known musician, ...

LENSTA GRIP - Turn Your Phone Into A Real Camera

Lensta Grip is all you need to become a professional phone photographer and take photos and videos on the go wherever you are, without having to carry your bulky DSLR ...


Ein düsterer Mann ringt mit seiner personifizierten Skrupel. Eine choreographierte, schreckenerregende Jagd beginnt.

EXCALIBUR CITY - ein kurzer Kinofilm

EXCALIBUR CITY (Kurzspielfilm) ist ein vietnamesisch-deutsches Crystal-Meth Musical über 2 Schwestern und ihre Reise nach Deutschland.

Book “My carrot”

Dear, My name is Alexandra. I’m a designer and Artist. I’m writing and illustrating the book about humanity, personal identity.


Feline&Strange : TRIGGER WARNING

We´re going to make a record – again!This will be our 6th one in 10 years of FELINE&STRANGE. It will also be the first one with Rah Hell drumming! The ...


Zazuka Album Number 1

Tearing through musical landscapes and never arriving! Come on a sonic storytelling trip with me and the wonderful musicians I hand-picked to play on this chamber pop album. We are ...

Sophie & Friends - Nurturing children's mental health

A values-based YouTube channel brightening the future by teaching socio-emotional skills, compassion & self-worth to kids

The Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book

An award-winning activity book, drawing people of all ages into the conversation about climate change and the energy transition.

Warband Shelter with foam trays for Shadespire miniatures

Protect, store, and casually transport tabletop miniatures. We created an easy way to bring your Shadespire miniatures to safety.

Meera - Art on Ethical Clothing

We print artworks on T-shirts, while directly supporting the artists involved. We are ethical & sustainable.


Als ich vor paar Jahren den Rock-Song von meinem Freund hörte, kam mir die Idee diesen Song als Trash-Rock-Pop-Song mit modernerer Instrumentierung neu auf dem PC zu produzieren und daraus ...

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