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20 Seconds Magazine

a print-only magazine for experimental music and art


"She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" Holo Glitter Charms

Doublesided clear holographic "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" charms with glitter epoxy.

Frauen der Unterwelt. Sieben hysterische Akte

Ein feministisches Theaterprojekt, das von sieben Frauen erzählt, die in der NS-Zeit für psychisch krank erklärt und ermordet wurden

16 Days in Berlin: The Final Battle of WW2

***Every single one of our rewards includes digital access to the documentary**The Ultimate Documentary on The Battle of Berlin16 Days in Berlin tells the story of the ultimate World War ...

School Wars!!

A surreal high school adventure with time travel!



Enough music for 2 albums. Let's create high quality vinyl limited editions!!! Many dope songs get released for the first time.

It's love - isn't it?

Movie about Scamming - "Two lonely hearts find love, but what is the price?" Genre: Drama, Education // Art: Short

IF I WAS YOUNG... the short movie

hi, mein Name ist Claudia Kutscha, und ich mache Kurzfilme. Im Jahr 2017 belegte ich den 4.Platz im South Asia Short Film Compition. In 2018 habe ich Reportagen über den ...


Eco-Jewelry for Everyone: Open Workshop Berlin

We're a team of designers that work on a social project in Berlin: O&1 ProjectFrom the beginning, we have looked for a way to create jewelry with a creative design ...


MOAN's debut album Battlecry

Moan's Battlecry "MOAN is raw, honest, fierce. Guitar or piano accompany an acrobatic voice growling, howling and squaking about life. You will be taken on a turbulent emotional trip and ...


Teufel: Let The Devil Play Your Song

Designed with Superior QualityWe believe premium earphones should be enjoyable and affordable. TEUFEL, the first pair of true wireless earbuds that offer premium features without the typical premium price tag. ...

The Aboves and the Belows short film

I am the 99%I am the writer and director of the short film "The Aboves and the Belows".I believe in the power of storytelling. A story well told can change ...


Paprcuts Sneakers - High-Tech meets Sustainability

Hi, I am Nils, the CEO of Paprcuts. When I was a kid and got my first pair of sneakers, I was so impressed by how light and at the ...

Pentagame: The Pentagram Shaped Board Game

A game with simple rules and NO DICE that is played on a pentagram star for two, three, or four players.

Board Game Cafe Frenzy

Create a board game café on your table! More than just a trick-taking, it's a tactical card game with numerous elements and mechanics!

Reverse Racism

A short film that shows racism from a different point of view.

Johannes Voss - 2019 Magic: The Gathering Print Collection

An autographed collection of prints including both card illustrations and personal work from Magic: The Gathering artist Johannes Voss.

Nove - Modern Essentials for the Mother to be

Nove provides high quality Maternity Clothing, wearable also before and after pregnancy. Designed in Berlin and sustainably produced.

Creative Soul

Interactive Art Catalogue by Alisa LoveSky. Your Call to Create!


What's the film about, and who are you?As the film is in German language we translated the content for our non- english speaking readers as well. Please bear with us. ...


The Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book

Draw everyone into the conversation on climate change and the energy transition! The Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book (IETCB) is a unique visual communication and education tool that uses infographics ...


Alex's Hand Hungarian Spa Tour

To donate without a credit card you can donate here at:We will honor any perks based on your donation!!! Who we are! Alex's Hand is an avant-garde alternative band centered ...

All Clowns Are Bastards

Ein Spielfilm über einen Killerclown, der vegan wird.


FARAFI Official Album Campaign

- + - ​- + - WHO IS FARAFI - + - ​ - + - ​ Farafi was born from a spirited meeting between Joy and Darlini and their ...



A Unique ChanceWe have built the best DJ live streaming tool in the world and are now giving livetime accounts to the first users. The Spreadcaster is the best way ...

Scarlet Night

Welcome to Scarlet Night. Fully interactive horror boardgame with dedicated soundtrack and lighting.

SEWN Empires - Fantasy RPG

S.E.W.N Empires is a Fantasy RPG that happens during the Medieval Age.

MovieRooms - intimate screenings at home

MovieRooms is an evening in an intimate venue that brings film lovers and film makers together.


Leelo's debut album on vinyl

Short SummaryMy name is Leelo and I come from Estonia. Music has been part of my life since I was a kid and during most of the journey down the ...


Jamila & The Other Heroes' Debut Album

Our Values & VisionWe are a wild band from manywhere. Being based in Berlin we create psychedelic sounds to make you fly! While racist speech is becoming more accepted in ...

InSecret - Das neue Lifestyle Magazin

Wir von InSecret sprechen alle und jeden an, die mehr über den Lifestyle wissen möchten.

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