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10days Re-run: The LOOTgames Scatter Collection

Our complete scifi/postapocalyptic 3d printable playsets collection.

The LOOTgames Scatter Collection

Our 3d printable scatter collection for scifi / postapocalyptic wargames.

BertaBerlin Coworking Map

Die Coworking Space Landschaft in Berlin boomt! Es gibt Coworking Spaces jeder Art und Größe, für unterschiedliche Branchen, Nischen und Spezialisierungen und zusehends auch in (fast) allen Bezirken.Die BertaBerlin Coworking ...

HECTARIUM - The Food Survival Eco-Game


black box - R.E.D. Residency

A lecture performance about the inequality of the medical system and the cervix.

Lissome Magazine

A holistic perspective on fashion at the threshold of a new era

Vector Synthesis Book

A Media Archaeological Investigation into Sound-Modulated Light

PostApocalyptic Scatter Terrain and Settlement Playsets

Build To Survive - a unique collection of 3d printable models for your wargaming tables by LOOTgames.


CREATING REFLECTIVE ART EXPERIENCES. BIMBIM is a transdisciplinary collective. We are a group of artists, therapists and researchers passionate about the relationship between Arts, people and society. BIMBIM is an ...


Besuch des Jugendorchesters der FJOSB in Korea

Nach mehreren musikalischen Begegnungen mit unserem koreanischen Partnerorchester aus Yeosu in Deutschland möchten wir nun im Herbst zum Besuch nach Korea fliegen. Zweck des Besuches soll das Kennenlernen der koreanischen ...

FYTA Beam - the smart plant sensor

The FYTA Beam is a small sensor that connects your plants with your smartphone so you know when they need more water, fertilizer, or a different ambience. How does the ...

Anya & Gundi: Children's books to excite kids to travel

Anya, a brave girl, and Gundi, an anxious ghost, are best friends. In each children's book, they travel through a city exploring its beautiful sites and corners by unfolding a ...


Kepler Debut Album Release

This is Ma li. I am very excited to announce the release of our special edition Kepler album. It consists of the best tracks of Kepler artists from around the ...


D.O.A. Dead On Arrival

Our newest concert series happening at and dedicated to silent green Kulturquartier, the former crematorium of Berlin Wedding. In 5 concerts we are artistically elaborating on the means of death and ...


Kreuzberger Klarinettenkollektiv - Israeltournee

Kreuzberger Klarinettenkollektiv - das bedeutet 9 Klarinetten, eine Bassklarinette, eine Kontrabassistin und eine Perkussionistin. So besonders wie diese Besetzung klingt, so besonders ist auch unsere Musik: wir spielen eigens komponierte ...


We are 34minus1, a team of student designers and filmmakers from London currently living in Berlin on our Erasmus year. Launching our Erasmus year on the brink of Brexit has ...

Sustainable fashion made easy - The Soft Workwear Uniform

Finding affordable, sustainable fashion can be confusing and difficult. That’s why Silfir designed a new garment that’s simple, chic and sustainable: the Soft Workwear Uniform. It’s the statement outfit for ...


My name is RIOT1394 and i'm a Graffitiartist & Illustrator. I live and work in Berlin. I loved comics since i was a little kid and my dream was always ...

Female Photographers Org - Art Book and Group Show

FemalePhotographers.Org is an independent non-profit, non-hierarchical artist collective. We are a group of emerging and established female photographers. Currently we work on our first book project and need your support ...

Descriptive Anatomy

Descriptive Anatomy is an analog photographic series by Verena Frye that portrays tattooed hands.How much anonymity do you retain after having your hands tattooed? How much of your personality do ...


EP Produktion "One Moon"

Auf Reisen durch die Welt im Rahmen meiner Konzerte in Ghana, Griechenland, Marokko und Neuseeland entstanden neue Songs, die ich jetzt professionell produzieren und veröffentlichen möchte. Die Aufnahmen finden zusammen ...

Marvel Dr. Strange Plush

I find there is nearly not enough Dr. Strange Merch out there, so I decided to make it myself!


Kuss Quartett - The Beethoven Recording

Jana Kuss, Oliver Wille, William Coleman und Mikayel Hakhnazaryan - wir sind das Kuss Quartett, uns gibt es seit mehr als 25 Jahren, als internationales Ensemble, intern wie auch extern. ...

Hang&Roll 2.0: The most practical travel organizer

SAY GOODBYE TO MESSY CLOTHES while backpacking, camping, traveling in style and riding your bike or motorcycle.Packing - it's probably one of the things we travelers do not want to ...

Polymer Short Film - Finishing Funds

Why this StoryThe film is a response to the many corporate scandals in recent years, such as the Volkswagen diesel scandal, the Theranos fraud, and others. As filmmakers, we attempt ...

DISAPPEAR - The Documentary

Not a day goes by without bad news for our personal data: Facebook members are psychologically manipulated to affect elections; millions of passwords and IDs are auctioned on the darknet; ...


Yatao's new Handpan Album 'Drops to Oceans'

-Deutsch unten-/Who we are?Hey guys,we are Malte and Alex - together Yatao - and a handpan/world music duo hailing from Berlin. We met about 5 years ago and ever since ...


Actio Grenzgänger - Debutalbum «Entdeckungstour»

Soundtrack des WandelsKlimakrise. Rechts Ruck. Rücksichtsloser Turbokapitalismus. Wir haben keinen Bock als Künstler in einer abgehoben Blase zu schweben und so zu tun als ob wir vom Rest der Welt ...


OpusXX Orchestra Launch Fund

OpusXX Orchestra: Giving women's works a voiceOpusXX Orchestra was created to give a voice to brilliant women composers across the centuries, to bring to life the many neglected treasures that ...

Risograph Printings by Flavio Man

I`m Flavio Man. Argentinian artist now living in Berlin. This project is to create a limited experimental series of prints with the technique of risograph with images of my works.

Who's Gonna Save Us. A short film by Adam Munnings.

Who´s Gonna Save Us is a 10 minute short film about a girl who kidnaps her mother from hospital, takes her to a utopian-like room she's created, feeds her a ...


Sediments We Move - Ein Stück für Chor & Band

Sediments We Move ist ein 60-minütiges Stück, das die Saxophonistin und Komponistin Charlotte Greve für die New Yorker Band Wood River und den 40-köpfigen Berliner Chor Cantus Domus geschrieben hat. ...

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