Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting Projects from Berlin - Overview

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Grace - Digital Founders' Campus

A state of the art learning app, to accelerate female entrepreneurship

Jayu‘s Four Guardian Hard Enamel Pin Series

An Enamel Pin Series based on the Four mythological creatures known as the Four Guardians.

Wood & Art & Memories

AboutWe, Arash and Behnam, are the manager and designer of KahrobaWoodArt . As engineers who are into art, we believe that architecture is a salient aspect of each city’s culture ...

Let's Go to Rocket-Park

Rocket-Park, a collection of 3d printable files for wargames

Moon Crystal Tarot (2nd Edition)

A tarot deck based on the A.E. Waite deck, for lovers of Sailor Moon and magical art.


nose pod

Intro: The right to breathe free.nose pod is a sustainable, discreet alternative to excess anti-allergy drugs and itchy face masks for better lung health and a greener planet.Read time: 5 ...


Rap müzik yapmam için destek

I need your help to realize my dream rap music. $ 5,000 for my clip shooting and recording.



Hello to my Graphic Novel Project... I'm a semi-professional artist in his late 20s from Germany. This is my first graphic novel project and I'm looking for some support, but ...


The Fire In The Forest

The Fire in the Forest Music by Rossano Snel, Maria Laskowska, Ilja Coric and Jan WeigelOctober 29th, 2019 - doors open at 19:00Ölberg Kirche - Paul-Lincke-Ufer 29, Berlin After playing ...



SummaryWe are a team of artists representing different art forms such as dance, music, photography, and digital design. We come from different places (Argentina, Ukraine, Spain, Malta, Mexico, USA) but ...

*innen - Frauengeschichten

Anthologie des VHV-Verlags für Literatur und Kultur 2019

How to win Cannes in 5 easy steps

Ein mittlerweile erfolgloser Regisseur versucht verzweifelt seinen Erstlingserfolg zu wiederholen, doch sein Projekt droht zu scheitern.


Hilf mit, dieses fein illustrierte Büchlein über unser ambivalentes Verhältnis zu Tieren - und deren Fleisch zu realisieren!


Mein erstes Album • Bubbly Joyride To Utopia • Dee Dammers

Das erste Musikvideo ist raus, im Januar soll das Debüt Album "Bubbly Joyride To Utopia" folgen: Unterstütze uns und werde Teil der Geschichte!


ConTutti 2020: »Die Fledermaus« (Johann Strauß)

Eine studentische Initiative sucht Unterstützung, um die berühmte Operette nach Neukölln zu bringen

MNML – Magazin

Das erste bilinguale Magazin für Minimalismus (deutsch & englisch)

Bau mit uns ein Haus!

Wir wollen, dass auf den Trümmern der Vergangenheit neues Leben in Alt-Treptow entsteht. Ein Ort für Kinder, Jugendliche & Erwachsene aus unserem Kiez


For Us Lonely Souls

My name is Gus Ring, and for me music is the air I breathe.My new album ”For Us Lonely Souls” is a dedication to the lost, the loners, the ones ...


Understand your cycle and harness its full potential with the Bloody Yes! calendar


Galería de arte Latinoamericano Móvil: Trashumante Kunst

" Life nor Germ " A film based on the #RanaPlaza tragedy

A film based on the #RanaPlaza collapse on 24th April 2013 where 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured. #Bangladesh.

HIPBEAT [Feature film]

A young anarchist goes on a journey into the Berlin rave scene to discover his true identity.

Wood + Art + Memories

We bring your memories and all of their fascinating nice feelings to life with the help of fresh wood and classic wood arts for you.


Film NOIR A 9 min. story about 5 men playing poker, how people change their behaviour over playing cards and how rush it can escalate..


'Primal' is a short film exploring the good and bad of food diets, focusing on the Keto diet, and guru Kev 'Primal Bear ' Mason.

La Bomba Festival Berlin 2019

Das erste clubübergreifende Cumbia-Festival Berlins mit internationalen und lokalen Acts


In a self-healing process Aura is exploring her inner energy centers through a colorful surreal journey to face the dark side of herself.


Escape Room Feeling wann und wo Du willst

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